Get to know the most advanced video card for ASUS HWzone
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Meet Asus's most advanced video card

The new Matrix model may be the 2080 Ti is the fastest to date

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CES 2019 has provided us with several video card models That you can dream about, And the Asus RTX 2080 Ti Matrix certainly deserves to be in the category - with Unique hybrid water that is not based on an external radiator and very impressive work frequencies straight from the factory.

Although at first glance the card looks like another advanced model and has a massive owner Fan-based air assembled over a metal conduit for heat conduction - a unique and interesting concept underneath the surface is called Infinity Loop that may become a new trend: it's actually their liquid cooling that includes the cooling element and radiator conduit with a pump over which three fans need to remove the excess heat, Any external.

Continues to try to surprise us with hardware products, this time with its most prestigious video card brand in Arsenal

The final product should provide performance Better than those of the air coolers, including the ability to stop the fans completely at low operating temperatures for exemplary quiet, in a more comfortable and pleasant configuration than the other water coolers we currently know - and Basus hope to prove this with a maximum operating frequency of no less than 1,815MHz, 11 percent above Founder's Edition frequency, about 17 percent above RTX base model frequency 2080 Ti, and even 2.5 percent above Crazy Titan RTX frequency, plus rush for frequency God- Which brings them to an effective 14,800Gbps speed.

Looks pretty ordinary on the outside - but overall Which we had not yet met inside. We hope that it will be effective as promised, not just a marketing gimmick

The RTX 2080 Ti ROG Matrix needs a pair of 8Pin connectors provides power to operate and is characterized by the 300 watt power supply - a great deal, yet less than the equivalent of the corresponding super model from home , For example. This model is expected to arrive at stores by the end of the month, when the price has not yet been revealed - want to try it out on your own? Let's do it in the comments.

There is also illumination Built in front, side and rear plate - with Aura interface of course


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  1. I believe some people will replace the coolant with liquid nitrogen which will make you a video card louder without reaching maximum temp and add another cooler probably but it is not average white only for serious gamers (at least 120 fps and 4k each game).
    2 video cards are already a crazy standard, but there is always something to strive for

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