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Meet Razer's first computer screen

The beloved American company continues to expand its interests with the Raptor

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You can hate them, you can love them - but it's often very hard to remain indifferent to the company's designed products , Which maintain relative uniformity and uniqueness even in the busiest categories of the gaming market. In 2019, after smartphones and laptops, it seems that the company will try to bring its spark to the computer screens market, especially computer screens designed for gaming, of course.

The first model of In this flora field gets the name Raptor - and includes enlightenment A built-in color (how not to?) Along with the use of black and green shades are known for the design of the body of the product.

As every year in the last half decade, also in the company 2019 Trying to find new challenges

The Raptor is based on an 27-inch IPS panel and 2,560 × 1,440 pixel resolution, with maximum 144 Hz refresh rate and VESA Adaptive Sync and FreeSync support At a wide range of display rates, plus three response time modes for the on-screen pixels between 7 milliseconds by default to a single millisecond in ULMB mode (RA Ultra Low Motion Blur).

Impressive cabling capabilities - without compromising ergonomic capabilities, apparently

The display panel frame is remarkably thin, the static contrast is that of 1,000: 1, the typical brightness of 420 lumens and the maximum color coverage is 95 percent DCI-P3 with the promise of supporting additional color standards - and one XNX 2.0 set including HDMI One, a pair of USB 1.4 Type-A and one USB 3.1 Type-C with power supply support, all of which will have dedicated cables along with the screen plus rails for anchoring and arrangement. Will the screen receive the standard character from Within the framework of the Compatible? We will probably find out the answer in a few months, when the official launch date of the Raptor arrives.

Really not sure he is the most beautiful of the gaming screens - but he stands out and not quite like anyone else

The recommended price tag of 700 dollars will be quite challenging for technical specifications that can be found by competitors in 100 or even less 200 dollars, but it's a surprise - products of They are usually not the cheapest, and are based on a positive reputation for the most part and long years to justify the relative increase. Will the Raptor be another success story and generate a large variety of new sub-versions with additional resolutions and sizes? Are invited to provide your own personal predictions in the reactions.

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