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Next Generation USB Drive: Sandisk Unveils a 4 Terabyte Model

Right, drives Exteriors with volumes of up to 2 terabytes are very compact - but it seems that even smaller configurations can be found for transferring information from one place to another, and at particularly impressive volumes

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USB connector-based storage drives are not as popular as they used to be, today in the era of smartphones and online cloud storage on every platform and just a few touches - but based on the same flash chips that can also be found on the It seems that the field continues to develop in very interesting and efficient directions, in a situation where it is necessary to store and transfer a lot of information quickly from place to place.

Western Digital, which became the inventor of the original "Sandisk" domain, introduced a new prototype that purports to break the high-density information we know from the world of - With a volume of 4 terabytes in a modestly sized product that can easily get into any pocket and even get lost in the bag, two years after Kingston's rival introduced a drive In peak volume of 2 terabytes. Someone said Moore's Law and did not get it?

Futuristic design - and record-breaking volume

The USB drive Fresh based on author Type-C is more modern and larger than most Which are now sold in stores, naturally, when it seems that the reduced physical connector and the increased weight of the product forced the Change access and provide a small cable that is rolled in the model body to avoid applying direct pressure to the connector on the laptop or stationary body.

The cable hidden inside the drive body - is the product still considered a USB drive, or is it already a drive external?

There are those who will see the interesting product drive Exterior design is a little more than usual and not a drive "True", but it doesn't really change the technological achievement beneath the surface - compressing an entire 4 terabyte into such a compact configuration is by no means self-evident, even in the age of chips. Which are apparently the basis for this.

There are now drives Particularly nimble and compact - but 4 terabytes still stand out in the category with no difficulty

It is estimated that the new generation BiCS chips, with 96 layer structure in QLC configuration and effective volume of 1.33 terabytes in each layer, are the ones used by Western Digital and Sandisk - even if this case probably requires a pair of enclosures (One on each side of the printed circle inside?) To reach the overall data successfully.

This is how the Which has so far held record - volume of 2 terabytes, from Kingston House

We do not know when this USB drive will be officially put up for sale, what its performance will be and especially what the price of this technological delight will be - but let's hope that its existence will spur more drives Volume 4 terabytes in the market, both in the internal and external "classic" mobile configuration.


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  1. What is this nonsense? There is a disc on the market long ago with even 8 terra….
    And yes, they are smaller than shown here in the article …… ..

  2. Quote of a whole guest

    What is this nonsense? There is a disc on the market long ago with even 8 terra…. And yes, they are smaller than shown here in the article …… ..

    Don't know how to tell you this ... but there is something you need to know about those disk drives that have "8TB" Express owners ...

  3. Disappointing something ..
    Putting 4 Terra on Cable Tears?
    If there is a small rupture in the cable what will?
    Less durable than a standard on-disk drive .. I was not convinced to purchase

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