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The EVGA reveals the most advanced RTX 2080 Ti model

The cooperation of the American company with the fast-moving K | NGP | N continues in the Turing era

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The most elaborate Turing models imaginable come to the CES show, and one of the most notable is the one created by a collaboration between one of the world's best-known names for overclocking Vince Lucido and EVGA - which, after several generations, uses only massive air coolers, suddenly becomes a hybrid , With a combination between Closed-circuit water and a separate radiator to a massive single fan located on the body of the unit.

The printed circuit of the card includes a design with 19 (!) Power supply phases for maximum stability in operation even with extremely high voltages and amplitudes Made of copper with a fan 100 millimeters above it and of course also liquid tubes Which passes through an external 120 radiator, three 8PIN connections for maximum power supply of approximately 520 watts, a dedicated connector for the EVBot device used by professional speeders, and even a built-in LCD screen that displays critical product data such as temperature at measurement points, frequencies,

Changes design and changes approach - but does not change the desire to be the king of rushing enthusiasts
Source images: techpowerup.com

This monstrous card is expected to be available for purchase by the end of this month, with the biggest question mark of course being consumer price - with our cautious estimates (and a host of other sources on the network) costing over $ 1,500, when there may be several sub-versions with Cores selected and carefully tested at different cost levels. Will it be the 2080 Ti to break all performance records for a single card? There are a number of others who claim that even they can not be ignored.

Video card screens are becoming more and more common - and this is a gimmick that may even be very useful to advanced users for a change

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