The EVGA reveals the most advanced RTX 2080 Ti model

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The cooperation of the American company with the fast-moving K | NGP | N continues in the Turing era

The most sophisticated Turing models come to CES, and one of the most notable is undoubtedly the collaboration between one of the best-known names in the overclocking world Vince Lucido and EVGA - which after several generations using massive air accumulators suddenly becomes a hybrid , With a combination of Closed-circuit water and a separate radiator to a massive single fan located on the body of the unit.

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The printed circuit of the card includes a design with 19 (!) Power supply phases for maximum stability in operation even with extremely high voltages and amplitudes Made of copper with a fan 100 millimeters above it and of course also liquid tubes Which passes through an external 120 radiator, three 8PIN connections for maximum power supply of approximately 520 watts, a dedicated connector for the EVBot device used by professional speeders, and even a built-in LCD screen that displays critical product data such as temperature at measurement points, frequencies,

Changes design and changes access - but does not change the ambition to be the king of hustlers
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This monstrous card is likely to be available for purchase at the end of this month, with the biggest question being of course its price to the consumer - with our cautious estimates (and a host of other factors on the net) that this amount will rise above $ 1,500, Cores that were selected and examined carefully in advance at different cost levels. Will it be the 2080 Ti to break all performance records for a single card? There are a number of others who claim that even they can not be ignored.

Screens on video cards are becoming increasingly common - and it's a gimmick that might even be very useful for advanced users, for once


How does their partnership manifest itself, is a mechanical engineer specialized in heat conduction?


All of its world records are registered with their products, great pr ...

Tal Shpon
Tal Shpon

Steve Jobs is not an electronics engineer either.
Brand. did you hear about that?
There are complete sets of computer products that are branded by groups or people, especially in the gaming world.
Apparently there are people that it makes them pay more

Lior Matityahu
Lior Matityahu

Electrical engineering goes hand in hand with Overclocking Extreme. Is something that every advanced clockwalker touches, and many of them also hold titles in electronics, of course.

Quote of Tal Shpon

Steve Jobs is not an electronics engineer either. Brand. did you hear about that? There are whole series of computer products that are branded by groups or people, especially in the gaming world. Apparently there are people that it makes them pay more

Surely one understands branding, less branding, which is based on overclocker. But rest, what works works

Quote of djelectric

Electrical engineering goes hand in hand with Overclocking extreme. Is something that every advanced clockwalker touches,

meh .. so many anonymous people who will not embarrass the greatest of all in terms of computers they build and do it as a hobby.

As an example, I know a Dutch chef guru, a family man who does it as a hobby .. Among the veterans Guru and he has won two or three times since

Which I know in "Rig of the Month" and learned from him some of the things I've been trying on OC for a long time. Do not think this is a true statement,

The fact that there are quite a few of those who did not come from the electronics background and have a very advanced knowledge in the OC world.

I do not think there should be a direct connection between a hobby and the background \ work from which a person comes. This is a premise they invented in the Western world

And it takes shape because people believe it. A person can become an expert in extreme mountaineering as a hobby and become a programmer

For a living. This is a good example to illustrate.

Lior Matityahu
Lior Matityahu

To know how electrical systems work, familiarity with the operating temperatures of the same components and behaviors is no less necessary than in the world overclocking, along with the soldering and modification of printed boards.

Poke cooling water \ dry ice \ gas and enter to Biosus is not considered, Syrian. Fast records do not break chefs.


dj I apologize for smashing the tour, but enough to go see the right forums and sites that Overclocking Extreme is open to the wider world

Through instructors and a good will to learn and experience. The fact that there are leagues, prizes and breaking records is not necessarily contradicting what I wrote. I learned

OC has what I know in a relatively short time of people who did not come from engineering and / or electronics. It's not that I think electronics

And understanding something in particular are negligible things .. It's just not the case when talking about building systems, and certainly not about OC Extreme.

There is nothing to do with getting the most out of a board or processor, and the preoccupation with OC Extreme is not directly related to understanding electrical engineering.

This is what I stand behind. It can be a hobby for a person who is an expert in it and does not come from this background. Maybe to do research

And to be a developer in the field - then yes you need the education. I do not know, I did not check.

It's nice to know what you said about Israeli fathers in electronics, etc. Just that it does not contradict for a moment what I say. really no,

Read what I wrote.

I also speak incidentally, from personal experience. I'm not an artist nor a genius or a record-breaker in the OC, but I was born there from a hobby. And certainly if you look -

You'll find a cold OC (lol) that come to wow results ... and it's a hobby for them. Maybe even truck drivers. Look for a guru, a Johnny Guru, I remember from my days

My army even.