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Hisense's impressive middle-class smartphone

The manufacturer, which is best known for its televisions, believes it will also be able to challenge the world of smart handsets with its new U30

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We admit that we did not expect one of the most interesting smartphones we will meet as part of the CES 2019 exhibition to come from the Chinese Hisense company, based in Qingdao City - but it is very difficult to ignore the U30 model on the road, and it seems to be one of the most interesting and sophisticated intermediate models around.

The brand maker that has successfully penetrated our local market through the world of TV sets (and the adoption of the Israeli national team) has been trying to gain momentum in the smartphone for a number of years and it seems that in 2019 its flagship will use the name U30, with a large 6.3-inch IPS screen 2,340 × 1,080 pixel resolution and modest eyelet for the top left selfie camera, just like For Samsung וWith Huawei.

One of the first models on the market to be equipped with a high- The intriguing 675, which should be even more powerful than what- 710

Hisense U30 includes Snapdragon 675 The latest and most advanced octagonal cores offered by Qualcomm for the mid-market, 6GB dynamic memory or 8GB alongside 128GB for storage, Android 9.0 Pie system, main backlight array based on the new 48 megapixel sensor (The same one found in Redmi Note 7) next to another 5 megapixel unit to be used for depth sensing, 20 megapixel sensor at the center of the Salafi camera and especially The 4,500mAh capacity is very nice with Quick Charge 4.0 Quick Charge from With power up to 18 watts.

Large fast charging may be the leading feature of the device - though it's all under question as long as we don't know the price

The smartphone does not have a bad relationship at all between the display panel (rounded corners) and the overall dimensions of the product, but one puzzling feature that may be cool in Western consumers is black artificial leather at the back, instead of glass, metal or even plastic that we are used to seeing in the products Others in the category. The goal is probably to give it a more upscale feel - but according to the images on the net the end result is not very convincing.

The back end doesn't really transmit luxury - let's hope the final mass version can improve that

Hisense U30 is slated for launch in March, with availability in China's source country of course, in Russia and in some European markets - with the target price not yet known and the identity of all countries where its availability is not entirely clear.

Would you like to see the U30 in the Holy Land?

At present, it does not appear that there are any Heense smartphones available for official purchase in Israel, but we will not be surprised if the new effort in the field will find its way into our market, now that the brand name is recognized and accepted by a wider audience than ever before. How much would you invest in a device like the U30? Let's talk about it in comments.


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  1. An intermediate model has to be priced as an intermediate model. I have the feeling that a price tag will be thrown out too expensive, which is frightening because they do not sell on the market

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