More efficient, more powerful: AMD introduces new mobile processors

The chip developer officially begins its third Ryzen generation with models Cost savings with significant potential

The press conference of the company Is expected to be one of the biggest and most talked-about events at the CES 2019 exhibition that is breaking out into our world now, with countless incarnations and announcements, but before the speech of Dr. Lisa Sue and her partners we received a nice public announcement - the second APU generation of mobile PCs with more power And more models are on the way to a more persistent competition with the products of Who have been controlling the field for many years.

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The new offering includes six Ryzen models and even one Athlon model for budget products. The highlight is the launch of a pair of H models with an enlarged power supply of 35W, which will compete with some of the corresponding H models Which form the basis for most gaming products in the market, which are also equipped with dedicated video cards.

There are no breakthroughs - but there is an upgrade and expansion, in the hope that cooperation with manufacturers will grow accordingly

Ryzen 7 3750H is the flagship product and includes four physical cores plus four additional logical cores, with an 2.3GHz base frequency and a maximum 4GHz turbo frequency, with a built-in Vega 10 unit (with 640 processing units) at 1.4GHz frequency - with the entire chip based on 12 lithography GlobalFoundries' nm and processing core are of the type Plus enhanced. It is not 2 and not a manufacturing process of 7 nm, but this is still progressing in the right direction for the company.

The Ryzen 7 3700U has a technical specification identical to that of the 3750H, ostensibly with the same physical Zen Plus cores at up to 4GHz and the same Vega 10 graphics unit - although the power envelope of 15 watts instead of the 35 watts will have a significant impact on actual performance And to illustrate the differences that are often not expressed "on paper". This model will provide a direct battle for the Kaby Lake-R and Whiskey Lake models, Announce an improvement of up to 40 in the performance of prominent eSports titles based on the built-in graphics core.

To- There is considerable advantage in the built-in graphics processing capabilities, which can be leveraged in thin, lightweight premium products that can not physically contain dedicated graphics cards

Systems based on new generation processors are expected to be found in a variety of stages and stands at CES itself, with practical launches in the stores coming in the next few months - and we are on the verge of getting more and better value for our financial investment.