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The AMD show at CES: the processor that will challenge the Core i9 9900K

The event many had been waiting for - head Stands onstage and exposes a wealth of technologies in the advanced production process of 7 nanometers

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With a market share in the world of processors that only grows and expands at the expense of Intel every day in the last year riding On a very high wave with the processors - To the world of desktops, workstations and servers.

CES 2019 Exhibition in Las Vegas: Is introducing its live programs for the rest of the year and next year with a Zen 2-based processor, the architecture produced at 7 nm. The target is the Core i9 9900K, the fastest cores in the world made .

Just before the end of the show, and after talking about how the world of gaming and electronic sports grew, Lisa came to announce that the viewers came to taste and introduced a Ryzen processor based on architecture 2, which has unique and unique design cores that we have not seen.

The processor has two connected silicon pieces, one of which is the IO controller used for caching, controller And other microcontrollers. The second piece of silicon is a unit that includes 8 processing cores and of course, SMT (Simultaneous Multi Threading) technology is part of the matter.

Notice how the chips are arranged on the printed circuit board. It is not inconceivable that someday we will see this processor expanding its core to 12 and 16 cores as well, of course. Now the competition offers 8 and with it has to compete.

The chip comes close with two pieces of silicon - source:

On stage, a Cinebench R15 rendering test was performed, featuring two computer systems, one with the Zen 2 chip and one with the Intel Core i9 9900K. The final Cinebench results were one percent apart from the other, with a lead of .

During the test, power consumption data was also presented in the effort, with this processor displaying power consumption of about 135W compared with 175W at . Definitely an impressive improvement.

We do not know at this stage how much the processor in question will cost, or exactly when it will be launched, but we estimate that in the May or June area later this year. This move is expected to provide direct competition against the Core i9 9900K on the gamers' core, with small brothers with 6 and 4 cores also competing to compete with the various CPU series .

The second half of the year It's going to be crowded with the competition, at least until you launch the Sunny Cove processors at the end of the year and the beginning of next year to bring war from the other side, with improvements And its own cores. In the desktop processor market, it has become hot, very hot!


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