AMD attacks the chromoboys

In an unexpected and surprising step, we are getting new, older Excavator processors designed to be used as computers Basic and inexpensive with Google's operating system

It's a big doubt if anyone has a Which misses the era of the Bulldozer architecture and its derivatives, which severely damaged the competitiveness of the chip developer at all levels of the processor market and brought it to the brink of collapse - but this does not prevent the company from enlisting the old architecture for direct battle with Intel's atom processors, , In the framework of an interesting onslaught on the category of computers - BONE.

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The Stoney Ridge family, the latest In the E- To the mobile market, started out sometime in the middle of 2016 and received its latest models in the middle of last year - but now at 2019 it will try to continue to be relevant for the most basic laptops using a pair of new models equipped with a single-core Excavator V2 module with two processing cores and GCN core 1.2 is graphically built with 192 execution units.

New Year - Old (very)

The names of the models are A4-9120C and A6-9220C, with the letter C indicating their purpose for the cloud-based operating system, and should avoid confusion between them and older models, and the differences between them are not material, Declare a tens of percent advantage in performing basic functions such as browsing or editing images in relation to Pentium and Celeron mobile processors . Not bad at all, considering that those from the Red camp are based on a production process at 28 nm and those from home Enjoying a much more modern manufacturing process .

Is the previous incarnation remnants of Will challenge modern atomic processors? The Red camp is convinced that the answer is positive

Acer and HP are a couple of time-consuming manufacturers who have chosen to adopt the new A4 and A6 processors for their chromobox lines - with Acer's 315 Chromebook being the one that stands out here with an 15.6-sized 1080P IPS screen, DDR4 memory 4GB, 32GB internal storage, 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity, and 1.7 weight in an official price tag of 280 only, which is significantly better than similar hardware prices based on competing x1,025 processors. the mother The company's comeback in the mobile market Will start from below, from the most popular models that can be described in 2019? Let's tell what you think about the reactions.

In the meantime, there are a couple of manufacturers that will bring chromobox based To the market next month - and it is reasonable to assume that in the near future they will be joined by a few more names