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CES 2020

CES 2020 Las Vegas - Live coverage: Flying cars and adult toys

The world's largest computing and entertainment show will open this week in Las Vegas, USA - we're there already!

The wheels of the computer world are moving throughout the year between a number of huge exhibitions, in which world companies display their line of products, announce new and competing products among themselves, who creates more noise and media clamor. For several years we have been sending our writings to bring you, the readers, all the information directly from these huge exhibitions.

In the past we have visited several exhibitions around the world - the CeBIT exhibition held every March in Germany, the Computex exhibition of course the world's largest hardware exhibition every June in Taiwan, and the gadgets and technology enthusiasts - also the CES exhibition every January in Las Vegas, .

CES Exhibition (Auditor General for the Consumer Electronics Show) is the world's largest entertainment electronics show, and is held each year in January throughout the city of Las Vegas, USA. The exhibit is centered on the Las Vegas Convention Center, but in view of its expansion over the years, the companies presenting it take over almost all hotels (and there are many) and other convention centers in the city, and the entire city is booming during this time.

This year's exhibition will open on January 7 and take place until January 10, 2020 (US time), but as always two days before, the exhibition will open to journalists, where the various companies will hold their initial press conferences and announcements - and allow us (and you!) A glimpse For the future - a moment before everyone.These two days are called Media Days, and you can certainly expect most of the interesting announcements to be announced already - in fact even before the exhibition is officially resolved to all other exhibition critics, where they can (in most cases) meet the new announcements with their own eyes .

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So what can we expect this year?

As every year, this time the exhibition will include a huge number of exhibitors, from almost every conceivable field. However, to be honest, when it comes to new announcements - it is actually the larger tech companies that are taking advantage of the new announcement show (mainly because they are picking up their own announcement events) - and we are usually expected to see new developments coming from small companies and young startups, which will introduce cutting edge technologies Most are in experimental stages and without significant market penetration. For example - flying cars :)

While this is not a car show, cars have long been contained Than mechanics - and societies Many at CES showcase their best new technologies, especially in the field of electric propulsion and vehicle connectivity to the grid. Hyundai is expected to take another step, and will probably announce during the exhibition what it calls the "Personal Air Vehicle", and in free translation - a flying car. We will of course continue to follow and see what this is about.

For slightly more accessible technologies, expect a lot of reference to new 8K TVs, folding phones, and the 5G network that's already starting to replace The 4th generation "outdated" cellphone, and later also direct everything that comes with these capabilities - transferring large amounts of information and speed - enabling "smart cities", a concept widely used throughout the exhibition and describing everything you see as "the future" "Artificial intelligence, computer vision, and of course Giants who will take over the city and threaten to continue the human race as we know it.

Apropos of human gender, another area that is sure to interest you, and for the first time comes to CES, is actually an extension of the Wellness area. The exhibition contains an entire complex dedicated to products , Etc., of course combined with machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other buzzwords. This year, for the first time, and after refusing to do so in the past, the conference organizers have also approved products from Well Well, Sex Tech, officially named Pleasure Tech. So don't forget to have fun!

Photo: HWzone

We at HWzone are already in Las Vegas and are waiting to update you on everything that happens in real time!

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