A new addition to an important trend: • Corsair introduces a HWzone budget
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A new addition to the trend is important: Corsair introduces a NVMe budget drive

Transfer speeds up to 3 times from SATA drives at a starting price of 50 USD

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Prices of drives Quickly in the M.2 interface, Enabling them to take full advantage of the To which they are connected, are steadily declining to our delight - and today their purchase may already be a reasonable consideration for almost any consumer, even when compared to old and familiar SATA drives.

Supply is probably the key word here, and the more manufacturers that offer NVMe drives seem to be at a very competitive price - the more these prices can become more common. Here you enter a company picture , Which joins the race with its new MP300 models.

An interesting addition to your desktop or laptop

The MP300 drives will be based on memories Three-dimensional TLC configuration, of course, and the popular Phison E8 controller that supports PCI-Express 3.0 × 2 (half the maximum of a modern M.2 interface) - with volumes between 120 gigabytes and 960 gigabytes A printed circuit board with a standard standard length of 80 millimeters and with conductive thermal stickers that should keep cool temperatures in action and prevent loss Relatively called overheating.

The drives are expected to reach the stores very soon

The fresh drives are capable of delivering continuous transfer speeds of up to 1,600 megabytes in read and up to 1,080 megabytes in writing (with "fall" to 920 megabytes per second in the 240 gigabyte and 460 megabytes per second only in the model 120 gigabytes due to the use of partial amount of available channels, worth noting), alongside Maximum random 240,000IOPS reading and 210,000IOPS writing - all within a five-year warranty, which is definitely surprising for the budget category that typically includes products with two or three years warranty.

Note that the base versions of 120, GB, and 240 GB are predefined Lower than the 480 gigabytes and the 960 gigabytes - so it's best to choose the optimal volume for you wisely

Prices are the main story in MP300, as stated, Declare prominent recommended 50 dollar billing rates for a 120 gigabyte base drive (note that random performance in this version is also significantly lower than other volumes), 80 dollars per 240 gigabyte, 150 dollars per 480 drive Gigabytes that make it the most affordable family and 320 dessert for its biggest and nimble drive volume of 960 gigabytes. Availability in stores is expected to occur in the coming weeks, and we can only hope that the practical prices will be similar to those recommended by the manufacturer on paper - and perhaps even lower, who knows.


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  1. Now only need NVME on the motherboard ... except I don't have one. But the Intel 520 I have looks enough .. (always like that, until the new one is tried)

  2. For two years now I have been using NVME memory in the M.2 configuration… it is amazing. I've already built 3 computers with this as a main drive… the computers are just flying. The first was the Z170 board and then the ASX Z370.
    I used the memory of Samsung Samsung 960 EVO.
    Glad the prices are dropping :-)

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