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ASUS launches new gaming smartphone - Asus ROG Phone

The audience asked and now the audience gets - Asus announces New, pure gaming brand that we know from the hardware and computer market

Taipei, Taiwan - Gamer Republic of ROG today announced the launch of the ROG Phone - Gaming 6 inch that changes the rules of the game arena gaming devices .

The smartphone includes the gaming DNA, as is customary in the ROG series, and equipped with the world's fastest platform - 2.96GHz octa- Qualcomm® Snapdragon 845 with a gaming processor Adreno 630. God- Phone breaks the rules of the game and goes so far as to get results that competitors can not provide.

ROG Phone is designed for victory: with system GameCool vapor-chamber cooling and body Unique AeroActive Cooler that can be connected and removed when needed, the smartphone provides high frame rate and gaming without blurring at peak moments of the game, while screen Ensures unprecedented visual quality with ultra-fast 90Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time and display Amazing.

The comfortable design of Phone offers unique side connections and full gaming control with advanced features - including two customizable AirTrigger sensors and a force-feedback haptics system - so you can invest all of you in gaming and take full control of the gaming scene.

Upgrade your ROG Phone gaming experience with accessories and powerful support devices: optional TwinView docking station for dual-screen hand-held mode; Mobile Desktop Docking Station for gaming in the style of desktops; Visit Gamevice with WiGig Docking Station with 60GHz Wi-Fi for big screen gaming. Among the other advanced functions of ROG Phone - lighting Aura RGB, Aura Sync support and direct charging technology HyperCharge for fast and safe charging that keeps your battery cool.

"Qualcomm and company Share a number of wonderful successes over the years and we are now excited to take part in the launch of the new and innovative smartphone - ROG Phone, "said Don McGuire, VP of Global Product Marketing at Technologies, Inc.

"Our Snapdragon 845 mobile platform has been upgraded with a brand new architecture and gaming-optimized Adreno 630 processor - the result - fast performance, higher thermal stability and efficiency Most, so gamers can play more. We developed the platform 845 to provide users with an uncompromising gaming experience, unprecedented performance, fast graphics quality and Gigabit speeds in connection And 802.11ad Wi-Fi. "

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    1. With 90 Hz second-second response speed,
      Gamedock that lets you connect a screen, keyboard, mouse, etc., of course you can buy it separately for another phone,
      Plug something into your phone to play it like an xbox / playstation, or nintendo switch,
      I don't think so, and if you have to pay separately,
      What's important are you going to use the options they give you because if not then you better go for something like what you offer but the 90 Run 1 accelerates a second speed response makes a difference.

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