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The Core i7-8086K processor arrives at the stores and gets extremely fast

The famous speedier Der8auer put his hands on the unique hexagonal processor of the , Which has already begun to appear in stores across the network, reaching the 150 megahertz distance from the absolute peak in the category

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The matter around him may have been swallowed up by the clamor generated by the nucleus of the future, But the unique and special Core i7-8086K Is the present of , Here and now, that even has already reached stores like and- Equipped with price tags of 425 dollars (lower than a few dollars than recommended) and above - though without the option of direct shipping to the Holy Land, for now.

It was natural to assume that the hexagonal processor capable of reaching 5 GHz to one single core straight from the factory, and a frequency of up to 4.4GHz for all cores, with an open multiplier for easy and easy access by consumers, would be a very interesting basis for advanced and extreme means speeds - and the trend This has already begun, thanks to the integration of forces between a company To the renowned German Oberkluk Der8auer.

Pop up in stores - soon in the country too

Using liquid nitrogen to cool a processor separated from its metal cover, Ider reaches a formidable 7.24 GHz operating frequency per second for all six cores, based on a working voltage of no less than 1.85 volts - not far from 7.409 GHz frequency A processor arrived i7-8700K, as the highest ever product to hexagonal cores.

The best result was the de-welding expert of the processor world. Can anyone get around it?

God- i7-8086K was unable to break the record for now, despite being the most carefully selected product from the chip stock that dropped out of production before being packed and packed - but not surprised if it does in the near future as professional rushers get more opportunities to experiment and "play" In the new work, to find the optimal settings and conditions specific to it. Der8auer himself also stated that there is more potential for improvement, since it was based on his experience of familiar effective settings for the processors. i7-8700K, without having the opportunity to get to know the similar, but still slightly different, CPU that was used.

Who knows, with the arrival of the C- i7-8086K In stores in the coming weeks we will see perhaps not only songs And speeds using LN2 - but also speed peaks in "more popular" and slightly more relevant speeds, based on air and water cooling. We will continue to follow.

Let's hope that air coolers will also be able to allow Of the extraordinary processor


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  1. I do not understand, you are talking about the 8700 and the 8086 as if they are different processors, as far as I understand it is the same processor just maybe binning before. I do not see any reason to notice any improvement compared to the 8700 that have been up to now

  2. And I read somewhere that it is a LIMITED EDITION processor something?
    Will there be just a few pieces of it?
    Will he come to the Holy Land? _ (Don't work on us? Because I think he does it in Kiryat Gat?)

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