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Intel's Frenzy: 28 Processor Cores for the Home Market (Updated)

The chipmaker gives us a glimpse of its next monstrous project for private consumers - the 28 core processor running at amazing maximum frequency

The 2018 Computex exhibition opens with a high-pitched sound with the press conference held by chip giant Intel. Among the new products is the six-core Core i7 8086K processor You can read here. In addition, and unlike her habit revealed A product that will be launched in a few months, probably between September and November.

updating: Intel seems to have gone all the way in this purposeful view with Which may be exotic, with a large pipe coming out of the system, apparently to the area to come Using a radiator of some kind.


In addition, 6 looks like memory sticks on either side. This indicates a processor demonstrated on the Similar to the LGA3647 chassis today. the mother On the way to launching this chassis as a rebranding of an Extreme Resident? It is not so clear how the home consumer is supposed to deal with such a monster, since its results have already been demonstrated and are expected to be realized.

Original article: In a somewhat unexpected move, Announces that it will expand the super- Its for the LGA2066 resident. It is expected to do so under the guidance of a new processor that will lead to an even higher series than the 7980XE having the 18 cores do today. This series will be known as XCC (Extreme Core Count) and will include Have more 20 cores.

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On stage she presented The result of the Cinebench rendering test with the shaking score of 7,334. To understand the point, the 3,000 line is an achievement for today's most advanced processors with 16 cores.

What shakes more than this grade is probably the frequency of action. Somehow, magic-length succeeded Perform the test run in question when all 28 cores (including HyperThreading technology that brings to the 56 capillaries) run at a frequency not less than 5 GHz (!).

Nowadays it is very difficult to impossible by conventional means to get the "regular" Core i9 desktop processors with 10-18 cores to reach such a frequency, even for a short test like Cinebench. We have no idea how Has managed to cause the 28 cores processor to do this thing with this similar architecture X in the process of producing 14 nanometers.

Such a far cry from such a processor would not have come without apparent sabotage. Tomorrow (Wednesday) at 5 in the morning Israel time is expected To hold its press conference, where it is expected to announce its own new Extreme processors that could break the existing 16 core limit and climb to 20 cores and more. Wants to ensure superiority in advance, so she has a very good reason to ask the audience to wait.

The competition is at its peak, and we certainly see its fruits. At the moment there is no price for the monstrous CPU, but considering that the cost of the 18 processor is 2,000, we expect the cost of 3,000 to be more than $ 1.


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  1. The big news is the competition, which will allow more performance for the same low-performance processors designed for the regular home market (rendering, gaming, etc.)

  2. Your joy will be short-lived
    To distribute software to 20 cores and more and to be effective is not a job of this world and the work is much harder than programming it
    The software will cost 5 and even 10 more (or, fortunately, 2 versions may offer)

    1. Today it is no longer true.
      Certainly not in the professional market where the software has long since transitioned.
      Bring in some cores you want are not enough.
      Just speeding up the work.

    2. After changing the software code to Multi-Threading,
      It doesn't matter if you have to split into 2 hassles or 20 hassles.

      Well-written software makes this division dynamic, according to the number of cores in the processor.
      All this "work" changes the code from Single Threaded to Multi-Threaded.
      Then it doesn't matter if you bring 2000 cores.

    1. Only computer games and regular home use may not benefit.
      Everything else about yes.
      Servers, rendering, AI on its branches and many other good areas.

  3. My credit. I was the first one here to report this processor.
    And for the less important things -
    Indeed, the definition of "home market" makes fun of the term.
    But hey, the unquestionably rude is the profit from both worlds!
    Both the number of cores and the frequency at which they work.
    Walla, time-Messiah!

  4. This processor is out of the reach of most consumers, but the real news is that slowly it will go down to the rest of the market.
    Now the question is when will we see ten cores at the price tag of 350-400 dollars.

  5. To divide software into several cores, you need to specify in the code which cable will do what software. Check Solidworks (how they took pride in having their software run uniformly on 8 cores and autocad the same story)

    Servers and machine learning you are right they alone each part to a maximum number of cores and if they do not have waiting for the previous thread process will finish

    1. The fact that these irreplaceable software addresses this shit is also known.
      And really, the USM relies more on the video card that way too.

    1. You brought Adobe as an example.
      I don't know if this is the best or worst example.
      But I don't know if there is a more broken software set than Adobe does.
      The most broken there is.

      And this autocad is also an example of why he also ran on Pentium Three.

  6. The amount of cores \ frequency \ ipc These are insignificant (in themselves) concepts that are spoken of by processors.

    We've already seen that Intel processors that are more efficient and faster computationally succeed in overcoming more cores.

    On the other hand, we saw that processors with a small number of cores lose the lead to multicore processors when the demand for multi-tessing increases and the demand for power decreases.

    In the end she asked how the software was written and what it was supposed to do.

  7. But it's the same Drak in the sense of software quality like Adobe.

    Although, at least, there is a competitor (DeVinci, someone?).

    Let's hope (although history is not encouraging) to have it

    An effect like AMD's on Intel and things will move in the direction that is needed.

    For the protection of my daughter / software makers, it should be said that no one expected the psychic growth

    Of the number of cores in the home market processors, with or without quotation marks.

    But that does not justify the dismal state of multi-core performance / software optimization.

  8. And that's what GN has to say about the processor

    In short, he claims it is one big bullshit, he says it is not at all a new processor but an XEON processor that is branded as a home processor that is converted to 5GHZ and cooler in the minus 10 degrees. And this is a guy who knows what he's talking about. Recommend watching the video and hearing what it has to say

  9. I love you

    My home market!

    It's like some miliader will put on his estate

    Think about it and say it's to the domestic market because it's a fact

    That the computer is at home! : kopfpatsch:

    The way things are Look now, The system that will use the new processor

    Will cost a fortune, far beyond domestic concepts, and it is doubtful whether anyone

    Will find it necessary to purchase such a thing for private use.

    This is probably bordering on the optical processor deception he once wanted

    Networking, or anything in style. I still hope that there really is a new processor

    In Intel's barrel that was just not ready for the show and they improvised

    A display of purpose with what is, though for some reason it seems absurd even to me.

    1. Don't worry, the Russian oligarchs are already putting their hands on that processor the way they put their hands on anything in the world.

      * For example, see the huge estate in Caesarea to the world's largest yacht collection along with luxury estates everywhere.

  10. This is exposed here from the pressure of the two long-term strategic companies that have for years been the order of release of new technology into the market.

    And for the home market, the technology comes late for the simple reason that it comes only when it can be produced and made.

    And what to do Moore's law is over long ago.

    Then raise the price standard.

    The Extreme Era of the time (not so long ago) the flagship actually had a maximum of $ 1000 for the home market.

    Slowly, this ceiling broke.

    And now it makes sense to take $ 3000 into the "home" market too?

    That way, the "home" technology market is getting faster.

    To compete.

    Apparently, AMD understood this before INTEL and "pasted" several processors / cores under the same shell that work as one processor.

    And manage to stay within the $ 1000 range for the flagship of the home market (this time without quotation marks).

  11. AMD's long-term plan was to advance from the north core to 16. The processors that already contain 32 cores are made from day one.

    Admittedly, everyone was sure AMD would climb the 20-24 cores line. Perhaps 32 cores is a last-minute decision as a reaction.

    What's good is that the processor market is one big toaster. Everything is pressed hard and diamonds are out.

    There was something that was supposed to happen by the way and did not happen at this conference - the launch of two new quad core for AMD with the names 2500X and 2300X. Wonder where they are

  12. Without contradicting the above, and call me naive,

    November is still a long way off, and they have been quick to eulogize Intel somewhere

    With the appearance of the first rhizens.

    Maybe it's not all business grants, and a processor will come up

    To the bombastic declaration literally, and not as it is rightly portrayed right now.

    I hope that this is the case.

    And if not, then Ki ...

  13. Sure he would be by then.

    They are just now cannibalizing the Zion series and selling 3K 10K processors.

    How can we not keep up?

  14. Quote of se7en

    Sure he would be by then.

    They are just cannibalizing the series of relics And sell at 3K Processors של 10K.

    How can we not keep up?


    Is that not good either? : Lol:

    You probably wouldn't oppose some of your farm ... :)

  15. Take a processor that costs 10K, castrate it and sell it on 3K.

    They seem to have no way of dealing with AMD, and it's been about a year and a half after RYZEN left.

    They were not caught with their pants down. They took them off completely, and someone came and stole them.

  16. Quote of the captaincaveman

    Take a processor that costs 10K, castrate it and sell it on 3K.

    It seems they really do not have how to deal with AMD, And it has been about a year and a half afterRYZEN went out.

    They were not caught with their pants down. They took them off completely, and someone came and stole them.

    Disappointed, this was the case with an existing resident. They went as far as possible to the level of their server residency. This is the response "Shit..ShitShit!" Very strange in my opinion.

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