Some?? The ThreadRipper 2 processors are going to break all the HWzone records
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Some?? The Threadripper 2 processors are about to break all records

Intel promised us Home with 28 cores at the right time - because today we are already promised 32 processing cores, courtesy of AMD

When IMac Introduced The world of servers with up to 32 physical cores and 64 logical cores, in a general appearance very similar to that of its home HEDT processors, has dawned on us that someday this huge number will also be available to creators, editors and gaming enthusiasts alike - and it turns out this day Was much closer than we thought.

The red chip developer has unveiled its 2 Threadripper family, with modern Zen Plus cores in the 12 nm manufacturing process and no built-in graphical cores - Resulting in Intel's promise to bring 28 processor home processors to the market (Which arrived only yesterday) suddenly pale.

Like Intel, too Decides to drop a real bomb into the home market at the Computex 2018 exhibition

CPUs 2 will be available to the same existing TR4 chassis that was used and used by the next generation The first, with the same chipset type (Along with a new and slightly updated chipset named Refresh) - but with many, many more active cores. 24 cores and 48 capillaries and even 32 cores and 64 capillaries, as mentioned.

The new models in the new incarnation will be characterized by a monstrous thermal envelope of about 250W, along with 3GHz working frequencies as a base and 3.4GHz in turbo mode for all cores, plus those 60 + 4 PCI-Express 3.0 nodes already known to us and four channels of memory .

The exterior looks familiar - but what's inside certainly surprised us

The ThreadRipper 2 processors are supposed to bypass Intel not only in quantity but also in the timing of market access. While Intel did not provide real information about the product family or platform on which the 28 model will support its future core, which is expected to reach the end of the year, Offers its processors for sale as early as August, when there are already motherboards to work with. The main question mark that is currently hovering over all this amazing arms race is the prices - which are not yet known for either side.

Expect updates soon - and don't forget to tell us what you think of this development!

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