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Meet the Intel® 2018 processors

We still don't know what products will be offered - but Amber Lake and They are the names of the future that join the plans of the chip maker

The repeated postponements of the commercial launch of its ambitious nanomaterial 10 lithograph brought the To make a variety of changes to her work methods, and to introduce several families News that were not part of the programs in the past to bridge the gaps and maintain competitiveness, including the mixing of different architectures and even different production processes under the same generation of products - And now we seem to be at a stage where we no longer really know what to expect from the company even in the coming months, let alone longer periods.

Computex 2018 did not provide us with heaps of detailed information in this regard, but it did provide us with a framework of code names that should be launched by the end of this year - Whiskey Lake-U is expected to be (Or double at the lower end of price levels) that will inherit the popular Kaby Lake-R, probably based on the latest Coffee Lake architecture and the same production process, as well as Amber Lake-Y which are expected to be 4.5 W New ultra-low-cost products that will be an obvious replacement for the Most of whom are accompanying us from the second half of 2016.

Can you expect to jump from 18 processing cores to 28 processing cores at the same price range? Apparently in the last quarter of 2018 we'll find out

Intel has also made it clear that they intend to launch the Cascade Lake-X family into the high-end home market this year - probably led by the same formidable 28 cores presented as a teaser on stage, as a clear answer to the surge of and the- 2. For dessert, we also received a promise to expand the Coffe Lake-S desktop family - probably with those first-core octagon models that were not officially announced in the current show, unfortunately.

The Y processors are no longer as popular as before, due in part to the launch of the square models in the 15 watt power supply only - perhaps the new family you will succeed in surprising and changing the situation

Plan to upgrade later in the year, or prefer Wait for Ice Lake somewhere in 2019, With a certain reliance on the '10 nm plus' process? Let's share.


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