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G.Skill smashes the DDR4 peaks for both Intel and AMD

G.Skill has the best chips in the market - and has rolled out 13 new speed records under Computex 2018

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Taiwanese memoir maker G.Skill has already become a synonym for extreme and unexpected rushes, and the company didn't really plan to embarrass the status at the big Computex show on the home turf either - they seemed to be up to the task with 13 records New and formal ones set by some of the world's most famous fasteners.

New maximum results in various versions of the popular 3DMark test were achieved by K | NGP | N itself, based on 18's core processor The Skylake-X section, EVGA motherboard, and G.Skill's Trident Z series DRAM memories, of course, a series of world-class highs and scores on tests like SuperPi, WPrime, and Geekbench have been broken thanks to an extreme-fledged Core i7-8700K processor and motherboard ASRock - and for dessert, a stunning record of fast-paced results for memories , With an effective frequency of 5,543MHz and 5,541MHz, were presented by two different speeds, basing on the best and most prestigious Trident Z series to offer as the starting point.

Brought all her "heavy guns" to Computex for the seventh consecutive year

If that's not impressive enough for them - G.Skill made sure to showcase more "sane" complex systems, with no extreme nitrogen coolers, with DDR4 memories at the ultimate limit: a system based on the Core i7-8700K equipped with a pair of 8 modules Gigabytes rushed to 5,066MT / s fast fixed operation, and on the other hand an octagonal Ryzen 2700X-based system with one 4 gigabyte DDR8 that operated at surprisingly fast 4,000MT / s (new record for , Which, as we know, is unable to support extreme speed of dynamic memories due to differences in the basic architecture of its processors).

The full list of rushing records that have been broken as part of the exhibition - how much more can we push forward before the new generation comes?

We are still a few years from the landing of the standard For dynamic memories, which will devour the cards, but in the meantime, market makers seem to be squeezing every drop of potential from existing device and production technologies - and it's hard to imagine how it would be possible to overshadow the crazy data we see here. Still, we have no doubt that the attempts will continue.

There are also extreme speeds that may become real products in the not too distant future - so have to wait


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    Before opening new factories and lowering the price craze of memories.

    G.Skill does not manufacture memory chips. Reduce anger to Samsung, Hinix, Micron

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