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Bethesda's surprises: free trial and virtual reality version to stand up, free upgrade to Skyrim owners

The developer will bring the New and the 4 Fallout into the virtual reality era, and provide Skyrim: Special Edition free to all Legendary Edition owners on personal computers

Also this year Bethesda's press conference at the show It was full of good, with a combination of new titles and improvements and extensions to existing popular titles. After introducing you to Dishonored 2 and Prey - it's time to talk about some of the company's target audience expansion plans for Doom, Fallout 4 and.

The new Doom, which has been welcomed by a large number of visitors and players, will have a free addition of maps and capabilities for its online game (often referred to as the weakest link), along with improvements to the SnapMap interface for creating maps and, of course, A modern game in 2016.

However, contrary to the general trend in the market, the developer decided to also offer a free 'demo' for the game - for only a week: Steam users and console owners and the- 4 will be able to find a downloadable version of the game that includes the first stage in its individual player mode, to be impressed before making the purchase. The offer will only be available by the end of next week, so it's a good idea to take advantage of it right now.

The Fallout 4 hit will also receive more DLC packages that will expand the amount of content - three latest additions, which will be launched each month starting next week, free for all Season Pass buyers and for anyone who hasn't bought it. If that's not enough - Bethesda have stated that both Fallout 4 and the new Doom will be launched in full virtual reality support versions, based on Steam and the Goggles Vive based on the platform: Fallout 4 will come during the next year, and Will come sometime after him. How exactly will it look and how will it work? These are questions that we certainly hope to receive the answers soon.


For dessert, Bethesda made another announcement - that all those who purchased The Elder Scrolls: In its full version of Legacy Edition (or else purchased the game and all of its DLC packages), they will be eligible for free upgrade to the full-featured, full-featured version with enhanced graphics capabilities when it is launched for the new generation consoles as well as the 28 PCs in October. The new version should offer the ability to install and manage the direct modifiers that exist in the Fallout 4, but will the visual upgrade truly compete with all the good modems have to offer for the title? We'll see.



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  1. And just because of that! I love bethesda so much. Free upgrade!

    Some time ago, when Dead Island's novelty came out, I resented the fact that they wanted money (even if it was a small sum) on the upgrade, even from those who bought their games with their best money.

    Learn from bethesda how to reward customers, and how to keep them satisfied even after a long time.

    1. agree. One of the best quality companies in the market.
      Their every game is a crazy hit.

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