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We do not sell computers! The specifications listed below are intended to assist surfers in purchasing a high-quality computer that suits their needs
Online sales sites are full of tempting offers to computer systems, and there is nothing more popular about the consumer than a computer "explosion" at a bargain price. But in the field of competitive computers there are no miracles, the profit margin is very low, and calculating an "explosion" at a tempting price usually means that you are not getting a fair value for your money. That's why we've built a recommended computer section for you, which will guide you to the right hardware for your needs and for your budget. The components we recommend are quality components that have been carefully selected to allow you to get the maximum value for your money.

Please note that the hardware market in Israel is updated quickly. We rely on average prices that reflect market prices, including VAT, and before the cash assumption.The specifications do not include the cost of assembly (between 100 and 150) or an operating system.
For further consultation and assistance in choosing specifications according to individual needs, we recommend that you enter Forum advice before buying a computer our. If there are other specifications you would like to see in the section, you are welcome Contact us And offer. For help choosing a laptop, you can use it In the directory Which we built especially for you

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