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Zun: Memory

Improving the performance we've all been waiting for: Samsung introduces new eMMC 5.1 memories

In recent days, Samsung has introduced new memory chips for mobile devices based on the eMMC 5.1 standard, ensuring improved performance for your next gadget

GDDR5 memories record speed from Hynix on the way to the market

Hynix began production of ultra-fast memory chips, which can be stacked on top of each other in a three-dimensional configuration

Samsung challenges the limits of flash memory

The hardware giant has announced a new type of flash memory that will exceed the current flash memory - the end of suffocation.

A breakthrough will accelerate the processors of the future thousands of times

Using magnetite, common magnetic iron oxide, and 190-curing, scientists claim that it will be possible to create microchips in several orders of magnitude from everything we know today


In this review, we are proud to present the new MSI series motherboard series - the gaming series with many improvements

Microchips in laser printing want to change the world

Developing microchips with different functions will enable them to be embedded into any object or item, and will make our world completely digital

AMD plans to include GDDR5 memories in its processors

In an interview with Theinquirer, one of AMD's top graphics engineers reveals his opinion on what will bring PCs to new levels of performance

Maximus V Formula in Criticism - Rise of the Emperor

Asus' maximus V Formula motherboard comes with a comprehensive critique - is the legend true and it really is on the motherboard that will make you open your wallet against your will?

The i3 3220 processor in criticism: Prince of the Ivy Bridge family

He had been with us for a short while and this time it was his turn to get on the operating table. In this review we examined the performance and feasibility of the Intel Core i3 3220 processor

My Modding Project - Unreal Tournament Project

I have worked quite a bit on building this computer and today I present to you the Unreal Tournament computer. A lot of Unreal has no style, processing power? This is a completely different story

Dan is disappearing - Danger Den closes her gates

The manufacturer of the Danger Den cooling solutions closes its doors after 12 years of operation

Prepare popcorn - Recommended specification for home theater PC

This time we present you with a computer specification recommended mainly for watching movies, even in 3D

Patriot's stand

Patriot introduced DDR3 memory with a unique cooling system and cover for hard drives with WiFi connectivity

The Swiss Army knife of the 21 century

Knife, scissors, flashlight, laser sight, remote control and highly secure mobile memory

Google causes memory loss

A new study points an accusing finger at the technology on the grounds that it makes our memory lazy

G.Skill launches quick overclocking memories

The new RipjawsX offers ultra high speed and low price

4 Gigabit memory chips

Samsung is making significant advances in volume of memory chips and is developing a gigabit 4 chip

IBM introduces: Racetrack, fast and cheap memory

IBM's research presents fast, inexpensive production memories that will replace hard drives and SSDs in the future

From today: 32 gigabyte flash memory

Kursaier launches flash memory in a volume of frenzy compared to the volumes that have been seen in the market to this day - 32 GB!

SanDisk: Memory card for industrial use

SanDisk Announces CompactFlash Cards with Outstanding Performance, Durability and Durability for a Variety of Industrial Uses

Exposure: Corsair PC2-8888 memory

Corair Dominator Series - the fastest DDR2 memory in the world

Memory with LCD from Corsair

About a year ago, the Corsair company released innovative memory modules with LEDs and now it is reviving and moving forward - memories with LCD monitors

Electrified memory from OCZ

OCZ, the world's leading memory module manufacturer, is releasing ultra-high-voltage, ultra-high voltage memory modules

Memory Stick of 1GB from OCZ

Recently more and more people have switched to 1GB memory, instead of the norm 512MB. The only problem encountered by those who want more memory is the fact that there is not a single memory stick of 1GB, so ...

OCZ DDR-PC4500 memory

The memory and cooling equipment manufacturer OCZ brings out a new and fast memory at Comdex. Memory in front of us is the fastest memory in the world at present and can reach (according to manufacturer's settings) up to the speed of DDR566 is ...