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Zun: Israel

First step: Amazon is beginning to examine the Israeli market

Messages sent to well-known account holders in the retail giant reveal the first stage of entry into the local market - meanwhile no dedicated storage and shipping services

Impressive hardware operations - also in the Israeli market

TMS offers a number of surprises for every hardware enthusiast to examine

The prestigious and budgeted: a pair of new models of my speeches were officially launched in Israel

China's first flagship device with the Snapdragon 855 chip on one side - and new Redmi models for less than NIS 1,000 from the other side

New guests in Israel: Galaxy A70 and Galaxy A20

Samsung's mid-market attack continues with a pair of new models - one of which has a particularly impressive battery capacity

The Galaxy A devices are even cheaper

Samsung confirms that its A series inherits the Galaxy J series from earlier years - and now you can find models in Israel at a starting price of only NIS 500

New price, new volume: The Redmi Note 7 becomes more profitable

The official local importer cuts the price of the new intermediate model - and launches a version with double storage at the original price tag

Maximum battery life: Samsung's new middleware was launched in Israel

Shyumi, behind you? The Galaxy A30 and the Galaxy A50 seem to be offering direct competition for the successful Redmi Note family

Huawei's new smartphones - already in Israel

The P30 and P30 Pro models join the struggle for the heart of the Israeli consumer - with a smart clock gift for early ordering

Israeli prestige: NVIDIA won the race and will acquire Mellanox

Yokneam is expected to become the second largest exit in the Israeli market

Redmi Note 7 is officially registered in Israel

The impressive smartphone from the Shiyomi home starts his international tour

The new generation begins now: the Galaxy S10 devices have arrived in Israel

The official launch event informs us of the beginning of the sale of Samsung's flagship products trio - with a pricing war already in sight

You do not have to wait for November

The network that brought Black Blake's message to Israel in the past decides not to wait until the end of the year, and to start another cheap venture now

The Mi Mix 3 smartphone in Israel, now also in official import

The official representative of the Chinese manufacturer has launched the flagship product from the end of last year in the local market - concurrent with the announcement of its 5G version at MWC 2019

NISNXX and above: The Galaxy S3,000 will arrive in Israel next week

The aggressive marketing system is already at its peak, and early orders for the NIS 99 advance have already begun - from the beginning of next week we will be able to find Samsung's new triad on the store shelves

Huge investments and highs: Intel is racing ahead

Another record quarter, huge investments in Israel and the United States and even the possibility of buying Mellanox - despite the technological delay, it seems that the chip manufacturer is not slowing down

Maximum power, minimum price

An impressive power supply and high power supply of 1,500 watts is available for purchase at a surprising price

Is the cellular war coming back? Golan Telecom offers unlimited surfing packages

A little after we got a slight price increase for most of the operators - a new and interesting temporary operation by Golan Telecom

Microsoft on the way to buy a giant in Israel?

The well-known network equipment manufacturer Mellanox may soon become part of the empire of Satya Nadela and his partners

The American struggle in Huawei is worsening

After a sweeping demand to stop using Chinese manufacturers' products among US government officials and even its various allies - one of the strongest figures in the company was arrested in Canada on suspicion of violating the sanctions imposed on Iran

Special, but also expensive: an intermediate market in the Samsung style

Samsung's new and exciting Galaxy A models landed in Israel - it's a shame that the prices are higher than the number of other flagship manufacturers

The worst timing of all? National network fault in Golan Telecom (updated)

Just one day after the introduction of new and more expensive packages, the young cellular operator experienced serious technical problems that undoubtedly would not help the consumer with additional credit points

The trend of rising prices in the Israeli cellular market continues

After a pair of prominent players did so last month, Golan Telecom and Hot Mobile announce more updated and expensive packages, which will probably cause another chain reaction

Black Friday 2018: Concentration of operations from Israel

The frenzy of operations and operations does not skip the computer stores and gadgets here in the Holy Land

Worth attacking? Black Friday's operations in Israel

The official importer of the constantly growing Chinese brand is showing its promotional prices for the near future, which will try to beat the existing prices at the various parallel importers

Let's get Spotify's premium service at a funny price for three months

The largest music streaming service in the field is launched in an interesting operation for new customers until the end of 2018