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You have to see to believe: XumiX's technology will charge batteries in 17 for minutes

The Chinese company ignites the imagination with the loading of a futuristic FT 100 that can fill 4,000mAh capacity at high speed 3 from everything we have met to date

Would you be willing to consider buying a smartphone from a battery company?

Energizer presents a fresh smartphone that carries its name, and may be an interesting option for those who are interested in maximum working times

Honda fantasizes: electric car to be loaded within 15 minutes

The next big technological goal of the Japanese company will be to give us an electric driving range of more than 200 kilometers in a period not significantly longer than the current known fueling

Samsung's breakthrough technology can deliver rechargeable batteries in less than 15 minutes

The company's new development will be able to accelerate the load rate of the built-in batteries on our smart devices up to 5 compared to what is currently possible

The slowdown and punishment: Apple is trying to solve the performance scaling scandal in older devices

The official admission that older iPhones "get" a taste of a safety mechanism that limits their performance has brought with it a variety of new headaches for the American manufacturer

Tesla's new mega-project: the largest backup system in the world

The American company won the largest battery assembly ever, which could help reduce power cuts in Australia

The electric plane from Israel will pass almost 1,000 kilometers on one charge

Who said that electric motors are revolutionary only for vehicles? An Israeli company called EViation is unveiling plans to bring an efficient and green line to private aircraft

Reporting: Prices for computers are on the way up

With the rise of key components such as fast storage drives, dynamic memories and batteries, it seems inevitable that price increases for complex systems are inevitable.

Future batteries will contain a fire extinguisher that can prevent us from another disaster like the Galaxy Note 7

A group of scientists from Stanford has found a more efficient and intelligent way to make lithium-ion batteries resistant to fire

The green vision is already here: a home that does not need a connection to the IEC

Tesla is preparing to take control of a company from the world of solar energy and presents a new battery pack of dual energy densities, and rigid solar tiles that purport to revolutionize

The MIT battery can double the operating times of our smartphones

A new company is introducing advanced lithium batteries promising to revolutionize the mobile device world, perhaps next year

New development: Have you finished using the battery? Wash it in the toilet

Researchers have developed a "vanishing battery" that will dissolve completely in water in about half an hour and can lead to a wide range of interesting applications

Huawei's technology will allow a smartphone to survive a full day with a few minutes of charging?

The Chinese manufacturer is preparing an alternative to the rapid charging technologies of Qualcomm, Samsung and Intel, with the aim of revolutionizing the field

Battery life on the new iPhones is impressive, and this is a great news for all smartphone owners

Apple's new devices reinforce what we saw at Samsung earlier this year, and give us high hopes for the expansion of the transition to 16 and 14 nanometers

Learn more about the smartphone with the giant battery

The Chinese Oukitel unveils more details and updated pictures of the world's first smartphone that will feature a 10,000-mAh battery

The big turnaround: Samsung technology may double the efficiency of lithium-ion batteries

The giant Korean company has developed a method that can significantly improve the energy density of the lithium-ion batteries known to all of us

30 Miramar above all else: a smartphone with a huge battery at a great price

The new battery pack of the smartphone market can now be yours for less than 500

Marathon M5: The Never-ending Smartphone

Chinese Gionee breaks all records with a smart device that has a pair of batteries with a total capacity of 6,020mAh - but also a thickness of 8.5 millimeters only

Meet the Bluboo X550: a smartphone with a huge battery at a tiny price

Here's another Chinese smartphone worth noting: The Bluboo X550 offers an up-to-date Android 5.1 system and a capacity of 5,300 milliseconds, now less than 150 dollars

Will Google's secret lab give us more sophisticated batteries?

The Wall Street Journal reports that the technology giant's mysterious Google X lab has been working for three years on a breakthrough in rechargeable batteries

The future of mobile energy? Stanford is close to completing the development of a battery loaded in a minute

The aluminum-ion battery it works on at the American University is also safe, cheap and has a life span of ten times the market. But will it meet our energy requirements?

Kraftwerk: A portable fuel cell that will change your digital life

The German eZelleron company has developed a safe and portable fuel cell that will change the way we think about charging our mobile devices

Fry and enjoy: New use of graphene material may revolutionize our batteries

A new experiment in the graphene material could revolutionize the battery industry and thus the smartphone market, with spectacular results that we all waited for

Tesla's new electric car offers an unprecedented driving range

The car, re-modeled on the outdated version of the Tesla Roadster, will bring improvements to the aerodynamics and friction of the car with the road, in addition to improving the car batteries for a significant increase in travel range

Plan V: Never get stuck without a battery on a smartphone

Unlike other concepts we have seen in the field, Flintu displays a cable that will allow you to charge your smartphone with a standard 9 Volt battery so you do not stay idle at the most important times