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Continues to wink at the masses: Samsung introduces an ultra-cheap fitness bracelet

After the significant reduction in the Galaxy A smart devices, a contributing factor of the wearable means is also coming down to the people - thanks to the Galaxy Fit e

Samsung vs. iFixit - The Galaxy Fold was exposed from the inside and disappeared from the net

Documentation of the decomposing process of the folding model went up to the popular site, with further evidence of its relative mechanical weakness - and then disappeared at the request of the partner who provided the hardware

Coming soon: Extra large volumes for known SSD drives (updated)

SSDs from Samsung and Western Digital are doubling

The last of this year? Samsung Launches More Galaxy A Smartphones

Introducing the Galaxy A60 and the Galaxy A40s which were introduced for the Chinese market, with large batteries in the best modern tradition of the company

The device folds, Samsung folds up? Galaxy Fold launch rejection (updated: official announcement)

The ultra-luxury smartphone, due to reach stores around the world next week, may be delayed due to reports of a variety of technical problems - at least in some markets

New guests in Israel: Galaxy A70 and Galaxy A20

Samsung's mid-market attack continues with a pair of new models - one of which has a particularly impressive battery capacity

Galaxy A80 is one of the most interesting smartphones around

The new middle model of the market leader completely raises the screen's fault for an unusual mechanical mechanism - including the latest chip from Qualcomm

The winning selection: Galaxy Note 10 may be available in four different versions

After the success of the Galaxy S10 triple family, it seems that Samsung is ready to take the idea a step further in the second half of the year

The Galaxy A devices are even cheaper

Samsung confirms that its A series inherits the Galaxy J series from earlier years - and now you can find models in Israel at a starting price of only NIS 500

Samsung's new style: Is this the true look of the Galaxy A90?

The company's most prestigious smartphone is once again exposed in a different design - but still with a mechanical mechanism that will turn the main camera into a SLF camera when necessary

The largest and most advanced Galaxy S10 gets a launch date

The 5G version of Samsung's flagship device will arrive early next month - only in its source country

The hit machine: Samsung's middleware gets price tags

The market leader's new smartphones offer protection against water and large batteries at a relatively competitive price

The new generation begins now: the Galaxy S10 devices have arrived in Israel

The official launch event informs us of the beginning of the sale of Samsung's flagship products trio - with a pricing war already in sight

Samsung Introduces: The Smartphone That Does not Need Words

A fresh, almost silent commercial offers us another opportunity to get a close look at the Galaxy Fold

All the details about Samsung's innovative smartphones

The first smart folding device is the one that leads the attack for the Korean manufacturer for the current year

Just before the announcement: Familiarity with the wireless headset and the new watch from Samsung

Do you want a bright yellow headset or a pink smart watch? Samsung is here to fulfill your dream

Samsung Aspire: A tablet with four speakers and an AMOLED screen

A few days before the new smartphones - we get the Korean manufacturer an official announcement of tablets for 2019

Steal the show? Samsung's flexible device is ready to launch alongside the Galaxy S10

Teasers and billboards confirm that the unique folding device of the giant company will indeed be fully displayed in the upcoming Unpacked event

More surprises at Galaxy S10: reverse wireless charging and a new generation of Wi-Fi

Samsung's flagship devices are not getting off the headlines - and will contain a number of other technologies that can not be found anywhere else

Cheaper and more expensive: The price of the Galaxy S10 devices receives additional verification

A Twitter leaked revealed the six versions of Samsung's flagship models - including the price tags designed in the Netherlands and the different shades expected in each sub-model

Ready to launch: Samsung's folding smartphone is featured in the commercial

Will folding screens be the highlight of the MWC 2019 exhibition? This seems like a very sensible option

Stay behind? Samsung will offer only 15 watts on the Galaxy S10

Samsung's new models are expected to surprise performance and volume of memory - but at the same time are expected to maintain only moderate and moderate charging capabilities

The most expensive Galaxy S10 model will break the peak storage volume for smartphones?

Wild reporting paints a model device with a terabyte of built-in fast storage and a dynamic memory 12GB - for those willing to pay (and lots)

The Trinity, the Folding and the 5G: Samsung is preparing for its big mobile event

Will the next Unpacked event of the giant company invite us to meet with five new flag products?

Samsung's new smartphone series comes at the end of the month

Infinity-V displays and more generous batteries than ever before are expected in the Galaxy M family