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"Half a hitch" on Facebook social networks (update: Back to normal)

Can not view media files on Watsap, Instagram or Facebook? You're not alone

Facebook users again prove they are stupid

Over the past few days, Facebook has been running a status that calls on users to write "BFF" in response to whether their profile is "protected" or hacked. Many users have collaborated with the stupid status

Facebook introduces its new negative button

The largest social network is looking at adding a button that will allow the masses to easily mark posts and comments they do not like

Facebook Presents: Silencing Your Friends Temporarily

The largest social network of all adds the possibility of temporarily "taking a break" from digital authors, groups and pages that are beginning to make your experience cumbersome

Get ready: Facebook comments will become colorful and especially sarcastic

The largest social network of all has not rested for a moment, and after the significant design change in recent weeks, another method has been developed that will allow users to express themselves

Billion of WhatsApp

The messaging app celebrates another prestigious milestone, and once again demonstrates the control that Facebook has created for itself in the social networking world

You'll soon be able to watch YouTube videos straight from Watsap

A new Picture-in-Picture mode will provide interesting multi-tasking capabilities for the successful Facebook application

Facebook celebrates: 2 billion users every month

The largest social network of all has no intention of stopping its development

Facebook: Tools for fighting fake profiles

The social network introduces new features that are supposed to reduce image sharing without consent and impersonation of strangers

Facebook displays: Comments with GIF are available to everyone

The favorite video-photo format celebrates 30 years after birth, and becomes an integral part of Facebook after much too long

7,000 Watching Against 2 Billion Users: The Fight Against Facebook Live Forbidden Content

As the pressure and criticisms on the matter grow stronger, the largest social network is announcing a new system that is supposed to minimize live streaming of offensive content

Facebook, support me please

The new addition for the largest social network will allow anyone to launch a GoFundMe fundraising campaign

Approaching the second billion: Facebook's success does not stop for a moment

Mark Zuckerberg's Quarterly Quarterly Report continues to be a good surprise, pointing out that in a few months the social network will break another huge record of popularity

Upgrade time: Watsap is disconnected from the old operating systems

Do you have a smart device that is four or five years old? There's a good chance that he will no longer be able to launch the best-known messaging app next month

Live broadcasts anywhere

Instagram, the social network that started out focusing on photos only, succumbed to the trend and added the possibility of performing live and online video using a slightly different method

Oops: Facebook killed us all

The morbid mistake of the social network illustrates its difficulty in dealing with users who have moved to a world that is all good

WhatsApp also starts to copy from SnapChat

The most popular messaging program will allow you to share statuses that are very similar to one of the most popular options of the competitor

Google and Facebook are collaborating on a project that will make the global Internet faster

Technology giants are working on laying a new fiber that will cross the Pacific and link rapidly and progressively between America and Asia

Can I breathe a sigh of relief? Facebook offers the option to make 'secret calls'

Facebook has updated its instant messaging app, allowing all users to have end-to-end encrypted conversations

Silence groups in WhatsApp and are sure you won quietly? Think again

The update of the most popular messaging software brings with it a novelty that may be very useful, but also annoying
The area of ​​the Cape Canaveral explosion

Hit under the belt for the Israeli space industry (updated)

The massive explosion of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on the launching pad led to the destruction of the advanced Israeli satellite Amos 6, which was supposed to reach space in two days

Carrot and Stick: WhatsApp wants to share your details with Facebook, but there is a way to avoid this

The most popular IM service announced that it would share some of the user details with its parent company
Block ads on Facebook

Facebook's struggle with advertising blockers in browsers: a failure known in advance

A Princeton University researcher states that there is no real way for the huge social network to prevent ad blockers from operating in situ for long
404 Area

404: Facebook's new and mysterious development lab

The giant has recently set up a hardware lab to develop its most futuristic technologies

A surprising direction: Google works on glasses that combine virtual reality and laminated reality

Contrary to rumors over the past week, Google has been working on its own integrated virtual reality kit