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Are you safe next to your smart TV?

The times when all that television has allowed us to watch "regular" TV channels have already passed. Today, our TVs are "smart", allowing you to watch streaming videos, play games, surf the web and download apps - but ... what else?

Google has changed its privacy policy - and no one has noticed

Google has changed its online policy to create tailored advertisements that track you anywhere on the Web - and you have the ability to undo it

Edward Snowden goes into battle: "Google Allo!"

The most famous information leaker warns sharply against using Google's new messaging app launched this week as a result of a change in its privacy policy

Access to all content, no restrictions Location: Opera launches a free VPN service for Android

Android users can now use the company's free VPN service, just like PCs and iOS

Carrot and Stick: WhatsApp wants to share your details with Facebook, but there is a way to avoid this

The most popular IM service announced that it would share some of the user details with its parent company

Digital rights organization against Windows 10: "blatant infringement of privacy"

The privacy issue for users of Windows 10 continues to make waves, and this time the consumer organization EFF is aggressively criticizing Microsoft's controversial policy

The teller will protect us: Meet the innovative smartphone cover developed by Edward Snowden

Edward Snoden (the fugitive spy or human rights fighter of your choice) is working on developing a cover that may prevent information leakage from your device to undesirable elements

MIT scientists discover: We have developed a fast anonymous network that will compete with TOR

In a recent paper, researchers at MIT said they have managed to develop an anonymous, encrypted network that is overcoming the security flaws currently available in TOR, enabling high-speed communications up to 10 times from existing technology

8 Tips to keep your privacy online

Nowadays there seems to be no pinch of privacy on the Internet, anyone can easily get personal information about us and publicize it. But there are still some simple tips that can keep the little privacy we have left.

Google, the next generation: the technology giant's interesting announcements from the I / O 2016 conference

Chrome with momentum, Android N with more detail than before, wearable computers with advanced access, and more updates from Google's big developer conference

From Mattari to an insurance agency from Israel: the reincarnation of the digital Easter eggs

The movies, TV series, video games and even the most famous Web sites include Easter eggs - the hidden surprises that are of no use other than the enjoyment of the plantation and the sense of superiority obtained by the one who managed to locate them.

Current octagonal cores in less than 100 Dollars: Meet the Meizu m3 (updated)

After unveiling the wonderful m3 Note, the Chinese manufacturer is introducing a promising successor for its cheapest smartphone

The world's largest pirate site starts streaming movies and series inside the browser

The browser plug-in that runs Popcorn Time's new online version has another surprising customer, The Pirate Bay, the largest open-source torrent site on the market.

Google gives storage as a gift to anyone who takes their information security seriously

On the occasion of the Safe Internet Week, Google is offering an additional 2GB for free cloud storage for anyone who performs a security check on their personal account

All you need to know: The complete guide to security and privacy on the Web

In 2016, all of our information is on the net, whether it's within social networks, in the cloud, or in places where we were not aware that they were available to others. The following guide will explain how to make sure that your sensitive information is properly secured

The best defense? Watch a police vulture against scavengers

The birth police took a very interesting approach to dealing with tiny, unmanned aircraft

Google's search engine is changing its face: it seems SEO in 2016

Meet the ten key approaches and trends that the world's most popular search engine will decide what to show you and where from now on

The best Chinese of all? The dreadful Meizu PRO 5 arrives in Israel

Meizu's new flagship device will land officially in a chain of bug stores in less than two weeks, with a price tag that has surprised us

View: Official introduction to BlackBerry's Privy smartphone

The Canadian manufacturer's first and unique Android device is officially presented, and the price and date of launch are also set

Windows 10 under Magnifier: A comprehensive overview of the new system

Hundreds of millions of users around the world have already received the news: Upgrade to the new system, Windows 10. Should we upgrade, and what exactly is waiting for us there? We are here to explain

Official but expensive: The Zenfone 2 was launched in Israel officially

Unusual The unique flagship of Asus was launched in Israel as part of an official import, but does this justify the addition of a few hundred shekels?

Windows 10 Can you disable pirated software and games? Probably not really

Does the Windows 10 agreement really give Microsoft the ability to scan your computer files and disable illegal software?

Meet the Meizu M2: Amazing what you can get on your 100 smartphone

The little brother of the M2 Note, who has just arrived in Israel, is officially exposed and boasts a decent medium specification combined with a tiny price tag that makes it one of the most attractive devices we have ever met

The Galaxy S6 Edge is sold on eBay at a discount of about $ 100

Samsung's convex and spectacular smartphone is offered on eBay for 660 dollars, and there is also a possibility to ship to Israel

The Axon is ZTE's best smartphone, but we're not sure we can get it

The Chinese manufacturer is storming the US market with an impressive smartphone, at a price that could be a competition for OnePlus 2. Will we see it in our regions as well? It's not so obvious anymore