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Advanced Nanomaterials: New technical details about Intel's Kaby Lake processors

The generation of processors that will replace Skylake will not make worlds, but it should nevertheless provide some important upgrades to our needs

Return of the King? Familiarity with the Snapdragon chip 820

Qualcomm's new leading product promises not only significantly improved performance, but also some features that will be unique to him and will try to bring the company back to the top of the world of smartphones and tablets

Battery life on the new iPhones is impressive, and this is a great news for all smartphone owners

Apple's new devices reinforce what we saw at Samsung earlier this year, and give us high hopes for the expansion of the transition to 16 and 14 nanometers

Prepare the Rattles: Launch dates for Skylake processors

Want to upgrade your computer and want to know how long will you have to wait for the new generation of Intel? All the details you are looking for are here

Details about Intel's new Core M processors

What will the Skylake era bring us to the most efficient and efficient Core processor family? The answers are inside

Flashing or a joke? Intel will offer mobile processors with fast capabilities

Is it possible that the new Skylake generation will provide us with first-class mobile K processors that can be speeded independently?

Next-generation Qualcomm chip promises dozens of percent performance improvement

New information about the Snapdragon 820 chip is revealed: 14 nm, quad-core only, and a promise for improvements between 35 and 40 Percentage in performance versus the current best

Core i7 6700K CPU Review - Meet SkyLike

Intel's new generation processors go into the air of the world, and we go out to see exactly what they can do and how it affects the market

Officially: Intel's Skylake promises great improvement in graphic processing, modest improvement in general processing

Formal chip-based slides speak of an improvement of 11 in the overall processing capacity of its new processor generation, plus the cost-effectiveness and improvement of 40 to 50 percent of built-in graphics core capabilities

Intel delayed: Kaby Lake processors on the way, production at 10 nanometer declined

Intel continues to earn piles of money, but a little less than before, and also confirms that the first 10 nanometer chips will reach us only in about two years

Good news, bad news: first review of the leading Skylake processor

A first review of Intel's new-generation processor, which will be launched early next month, shows us an additional performance boost in a seemingly single digit percentage

Will LG's next flagship device come with Snapdragon 820 and 4GB of RAM?

Recent reports on the Web predict that a new G-Pro device will arrive in the coming months, with elaborate specifications and programs to combat the Galaxy Note

Report: NVIDIA's Pascal generation is already in production

While AMD is in the final preparations to launch the parallel generation of GeForce 900, NVIDIA is already in the midst of preparations for the next generation, which promises to bring some breakthrough technologies

Asus Introduces: Next Generation USB Drive Computer

The Taiwanese manufacturer is not waiting for Intel itself, and is already showing a tiny microcomputer based on a new atom chip from the 14 nanometer

No wires and no compromises: Intel's vision for Skylake

The generation of the sixth Core processor is on its way to the market, and it promises to give you the ability to run your laptop without any wires or cables

Meet the new hybrid: 14 nanometer chip and battery for 14 hours

The Taiwanese Transformer Book T100 is back in an upgraded version, making it an iPad alternative more relevant than ever

Intel's Broadwell stationary processors are already here, and we have no idea who they are designed for

Intel is unveiling the fifth-generation Core processors for stationary computers that offer the most sophisticated built-in graphics cores - but not much more

AMD confirms: Video cards in the 14 nm way

A new report claims that AMD will not produce graphics processors with 20 nanometer lithographs - it will leap directly into 14 nanometer processors in an attempt to give itself a competitive advantage over the competitor

Qualcomm's grand plans for the year 2015: 14 nm, new cores and more surprises

Did you think the Snapdragon 810 is impressive? Qualcomm's plans for the rest of the year include a jump to the production of three-dimensional transistors in the 14 nanometer, a new unique architecture for processing cores and more

The War of David and Goliath? AMD's new generation of processors will target mobile devices

AMD confirms that its new Carrizo processors will only be offered on welded BGA versions, and will in fact compete head-on in Chipzilla's U-chip chipset family. A lost battle in advance or the beginning of turning for the manufacturer in red?

Samsung Renewable: AiO Computer Concave and Portable Featherweight

Among the smart products that Samsung is preparing for us at CES 2015: the first all-in-one computer with a concave and ultrabook screen is incredibly light and thin

The Broadwell Generation: Graphic performance is exposed

Just before the Core i7 and Core i5 mobile models are officially announced, data from new models show us (supposedly) the graphics performance of the new generation from Intel - and they look absolutely promising

Intel accidentally discovers the next generation of tiny NUCs

Intel is saving money on hackers and doing it on its own - the company has accidentally "released" its next-generation NUC XNUM microcomputer with new enclosures and upgraded wireless capabilities

Samsung began manufacturing next-generation Apple chips - at 14 nm

After Apple decided to leave Samsung as a supplier of components to its devices, the company plans to manufacture its next A9 chips in a 14 nanometer lithograph and by someone other than Samsung

This 14 nm is here: all you need to know about the new generation ultrabooks

The market is starting to fill up with laptops based on Intel's new Core M processors - and we're putting you in order of the unique capabilities and characteristics of each and every one of them