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Directly from the Far East: a luxurious package of games at a meager price

A third cooperation between the Japanese developer and distributor Bandai Namco and the Humble Bundle project will allow you to receive Tekken 7 and ten other highly competitive games

Racing, destruction and adventure: Steam gaming

The large online store pamper us with interesting deals not only on the weekends

Do not miss: Destiny 2 is free for a limited time

The popular online action game wants to significantly increase its PC community in the second year of its existence, it seems - and is completely and completely free over the next two weeks for all those who want it

Regards from Japan: weekend gaming

Sega's games, Watch_Dogs and many more await you at Steam with discounts of tens of percent

The game that approaches perfection

Divinity's Critique 2: Original Sin will explain to you why this is a role title you just have to try

Steam gaming for the weekend

Love the Total War series: Warhammer? You should not give up the deals in the largest online gaming store that can provide you with all its contents at reduced costs

Weekend Deals: Steam Gaming Deals (updated)

Come buy cool games at discounted prices - and get the base version of UBsoft's For Honor at no cost at all

A moment before the end: more great game deals at Steam

Two days before the big summer gaming project is over - you have a last chance to get a lot at a low price

Steam 's massive Summer Sale

Thousands of games are available at large discounts, some of them even those we have not seen before, from now until the beginning of July in the largest gaming store

Steam's landlord is introducing new acquisitions

Valve has stated that it has not abandoned game development - and is signaling this with the acquisition of a young and ambitious studio

The game that eliminates the purchase offers with real money

Six months after the launch and the many complaints - the creators of Middle Earth: Shadow of War announce the official cancellation of the aggressive micro-transactions that characterized it

The addictive life: The story of the Sims series

Did you know that the Sims series would not have been created if the creator's house had not been burned? Discover the full story behind the series of the most successful life simulation games of all

Shopping time: The games you should check out

Online gaming stores are returning to celebrate Chinese New Year with a variety of promotional prices that suit everyone

Fortnite Vs PUBG: Great War of Popularity

The two largest Battle Royale games on the market continue to race for the crown of online popularity

Victim of PUBG? The game of competitive action Paragon was abandoned

The title of Epic Games, which was supposed to compete with Overwatch, would be eliminated in order to invest increased resources in the title that competes with the masthead, PUBG

Caution: addictive strategy games at a very good price

The new Humble Bundle package provides a collection of high-quality titles from Paradox Interactive

21 New Games Everyday: The climactic year of Steam

The data about the large gaming platform for 2017 is revealed and they are breaking records, of course - with more games added than the two years preceding it together

2017's most successful games

Come and get to know the works that have made the year that has just ended up at the College, interesting and especially enjoyable

Over the years: LA Noire Remastered in a review

Even after more than half a decade since the original launch, the detective thriller from the company that brought us the GTA series proves that it is not really like anything else in the gaming world

Meet the top games of the year, according to Steam

The leading gaming store offers us the titles that every game enthusiast must meet, according to five different categories

You've never seen anything like this: the strangest games ever created

The gaming world offers countless opportunities for original and unusual ideas - and these are the titles that took this freedom to the edge of the edge

Thirty million are not wrong: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds continues to break records

A formal and full launch contributes to a further boost in the popularity of 2017's most surprising game

Steam's biggest winter promotions are here

After Origin - the biggest and most popular store in the world of PC is launching a massive and special promotional project on the occasion of the coming of 2018, and you are invited to take a peek

EA Games winter promotions await you online

The titles of the largest American distributor are offered at discounts of up to 75 per cent, just before the end of the year

Another award for game enthusiasts: The first installment of the new Hitman is divided free

The famous Stealth Game offers you to join the celebration with a free tasting