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To experience successful tactical action games free of charge: Steam's weekend promotions

A variety of discounts on big titles and the chance to try Rainbow Six Siege and ARMA 3 without spending a penny waiting for you in the next few days

Last chance: up to 17 discount on buying games at Steam

The current gaming platform of the gaming platform includes not only price cuts - but also for the first time an additional discount of NIS 100

New fashion? Large distributors and dedication Denuvo defenses are gradually playing

Two prominent titles were released from the controversial file protection, some time after they had been hacked and pirated

In search of new players: Black Ops 4's Royal Black is available for free for a week

Title Activision's latest action breaks into its first introductory week in its current incarnation

The perfect combination? Battlefield V may be the first to support both DXR and DLSS

The title of the popular action may be the second to be supported by NVIDIA's innovative edge smoothing mechanism - plus the already built-in tracking of the horns

What happens to the gaming industry?

2018 will be remembered mainly for random digital products that are required to purchase real money, unnecessary innovations for beloved brands and draconian file protections

A few polygons, a lot of soul: the game Dusk is short of praise

The title of the new action feels like a combination of some of the greatest nineties, and Harari has his own sympathy for both the actors and the critics

Pirate victory? All the big games of the end of the year have been breached

Battlefield 5 joined its competitors in the market and was distributed freely and illegally - and now it seems that once again there is no file protection that can guarantee maximum revenue for the products that rely on it

Game packages are especially worthwhile, now in online stores

Fanatical and Green Man Gaming offer you the opportunity to get quality titles at bargain prices

Let's get the company of Heroes 2 free, now at Steam (updated)

The famous Relic strategy game celebrates its fifth birthday and is offered completely free to all users - plus a host of other promotions

Past games that make a comeback at Steam

Three interesting games from the past land for the first time on the largest PC platform - years after they were originally created

Get lost in the Wild West of Rockstar Games

Red Dead Redemption 2, the new giant project of the creators of GTA, justifiably justifies any compliment and every word of sympathy you've heard and heard about, and is one of the greatest achievements in the whole gaming world

Steam Week Deals

A great variety of interesting games are available at cut-off prices - and you only have to choose

The next big addiction in Red Dead Redemption begins (updated)

The competitive online component of Rockstar's new hit has entered its beta testing phase for an official launch that could make addiction even greater

Black Friday 2018: Great Game Deals

Even good promotions on games can be found within the online shopping craze of the end of the year

The New Billionaires: Red Dead Redemption 2 Following GTA 5

Rockstar's new West is now becoming the most successful title of the year and a story of economic success

Survival, Thieves and Monsters: Steam gaming

New games are landing and familiar games are getting updates - and all of them are available at very interesting prices this weekend on Wallav's big platform

The game is a masterpiece - with just one bit of color

The new indie game "Return of the Obra Dinn" has an especially "old" look - but that does not prevent it from gaining the sympathy of critics and gamers alike

New Steam Gaming Promotions (updated)

Last day deals for mystery games and horror - and others - on the biggest platform in the field

No entry to dual-core: system requirements of the Fallout 76

The new and promising chapter in the post-apocalyptic series is the generation of modern square processors as the default to operate

Review: Best Super Heroes game

Spider-Man is finally back in the gaming world and looks better than ever before

The smartphone becomes part of the game in Red Dead Redemption 2

The most recent title comes along with a smartphone-compatible application that can offer you the most relevant information - and make what is shown on TV realistic and authentic a bit more

Regards from Japan: weekend gaming

Sega's games, Watch_Dogs and many more await you at Steam with discounts of tens of percent

Best of its generation: Red Dead Redemption 2 shines in visitors

With average grades of 97 from 100 and even 98 from 100 - the mega-ambitious world's open world of GTA creators seems ready to conquer the world and break sales records, starting tomorrow