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The game is a masterpiece - with just one bit of color

The new indie game "Return of the Obra Dinn" has an especially "old" look - but that does not prevent it from gaining the sympathy of critics and gamers alike

New Steam Gaming Promotions (updated)

Last day deals for mystery games and horror - and others - on the biggest platform in the field

No entry to dual-core: system requirements of the Fallout 76

The new and promising chapter in the post-apocalyptic series is the generation of modern square processors as the default to operate

Review: Best Super Heroes game

Spider-Man is finally back in the gaming world and looks better than ever before

The smartphone becomes part of the game in Red Dead Redemption 2

The most recent title comes along with a smartphone-compatible application that can offer you the most relevant information - and make what is shown on TV realistic and authentic a bit more

Regards from Japan: weekend gaming

Sega's games, Watch_Dogs and many more await you at Steam with discounts of tens of percent

Best of its generation: Red Dead Redemption 2 shines in visitors

With average grades of 97 from 100 and even 98 from 100 - the mega-ambitious world's open world of GTA creators seems ready to conquer the world and break sales records, starting tomorrow

Microsoft's great gaming console for 2018

The title of the new races is probably Microsoft's best exclusive for 2018 - and enjoys impressive sales of more than 2 million units at the start of his career

Red Dead Redemption 2: A Product of Modern Slavery?

A moment before the big launch, Rockstar is busy convincing the world that they have not brought their employees to impossible wear conditions on the way to meeting the huge project schedule

The game that goes against the current

The first chapter in Life is Strange 2 is not going to make life easy for you, and is going to put you in situations that will test your morality

Thronebreaker: The Witcher series is coming back big

The Gwent card game, which started as a nice marginal addition, becomes the center of a whole new title - and gets great praise

The game that approaches perfection

Divinity's Critique 2: Original Sin will explain to you why this is a role title you just have to try

Regards from the Nineties

With exclusivity to the file-free GOG platform and a style that is a tribute to Doom and other great action games from the past - Project Warlock is a fresh nostalgic piece worth knowing

Farewell: The closed game developer will be able to finish her final work

Telltale Games, which brought the adventurous genre back to our lives, will be able to finish the final season of its adaptation to the moving dead - another way to support the process only a few years ago was considered the American Telltale ...

Robots and Vampires: Steam Weekend Deals

Want to enrich your gaming pool for the holiday? You can do this now with very winking prices

For limited time only: All Battlefield 1 expansion packs are available for free

EA Games has found its way to remain interested in its Battlefield series due to the postponement of the release of the new episode - and free to distribute all four content packs of the previous hit

Price for the holidays: Major online gaming campaigns (updated)

At Steam, the Humble Store and the file-defying GOG store are waiting for the price of games that are hard to refuse - right now

The coolest trailers for tomorrow's games

The Gamescom exhibit is behind us, the biggest launches season of the year in front of us - and it's a great time to make a summary of the titles you're interested in

Fear of competition? The launch of Battlefield V is rejected

Adverse Reactions in Alpha? Early sales disappointing pace? Development problems? The new episode of the EA Games series that will bring us back to the days of World War II will come only at the end of November

After the Odyssey, the Assassin's Creed series goes on vacation

Following the upcoming launch of the giant Odyssey, Assassin's Creed will embark on a formal break to ensure continued innovation and improvement in the future

Best History Lesson: New Assassin's Creed Odyssey Videos (updated)

Ubisoft's next ambitious game is approaching the launch date and looks better with all new information coming to us

Fire, Aircraft and Women: The Gameplay of Battlefield V (updated)

EA Games' biggest title for the coming year offers a long, action packed trailer - including a small glimpse of the new Royale

Google Challenge: Fortnite in Android will not be available on Google Play

The most popular action game in the world today is approaching the launch of the largest smartphone platform of all - but will do so with an unexpected approach

The Dream of All Battle Lovers: Five different games are available for free trial at Steam

The biggest gaming tournament is on its way, and all gamers enjoy the opportunity to download and try some of the great names of the genre for free - and then maybe buy them for ever at very winking prices

People Against Robots: Detroit Become Human

Is the exclusive title of the PlayStation 4 console running on the thin line between a game and an interactive film worth your time and money? Let's find out