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People Against Robots: Detroit Become Human

Is the exclusive title of the PlayStation 4 console running on the thin line between a game and an interactive film worth your time and money? Let's find out

Monster hunters come to personal computers, finally

The big hit of the company, Monster Hunter World, gets an official launch date for PC - and also system requirements and Denuvo file protection

A moment before the end: more great game deals at Steam

Two days before the big summer gaming project is over - you have a last chance to get a lot at a low price

Vampires and the City

Dreaming of a quality role-playing starring vampires who will inherit the legendary Bloodlines? Vampyr is probably not the answer - but it is a delightful and unique work in itself

More than 450 reasons to wait for him: List of vehicles in Forza Horizon 4 was exposed

The great racing title of the year 2018 should contain a particularly rich selection, which was revealed earlier than expected

Battlefield V developers attack: do not like the new approach? Do not buy

The creators of the new game in the famous action series find it difficult to contain the repeated complaints about the political correctness

Steam 's massive Summer Sale

Thousands of games are available at large discounts, some of them even those we have not seen before, from now until the beginning of July in the largest gaming store

Resume Revealed: Red Dead Redemption 2 will come to your PC

To date, we have not even heard a hint of this from official sources, but a fact that was observed on LinkedIn indicates that there is hope that the game will be launched for personal computers and not only for consoles

The swan song of Japan

The new chapter in Sega's unique and strange series Yakuza may be the most successful to date - and in any case you really should not miss

Free games you must know

Do you have free time but do not have too much financial resources to invest? Great - here are nine titles that will not even require you to consider and can provide you with hours of entertainment

Watch: Just Cause 4

Super-agent Rico Rodríguez is about to return to another military coup, it seems

4 is bigger than the previous one and is designed to play with friends: Meet Fallout 76

The new game, named after a few weeks ago, promises to offer a post-apocalyptic world with refreshing style and approach

Hitman Returns: Watch the first video game

The first big title from a large sequence that will be presented at the largest gaming exhibition in the world comes - to the great delight of creative assassins

Non-Stop War: Interesting games at significant discounts at Steam's store

The weekend deal at the Steam store allows you to renew the latest Games Games-based titles, including the latest ones

The Bizarre Parade: Battlefield vs. Call of Duty

The two major military games of 2018 were officially unveiled - and they are not exactly what we expected to see

Returning to Chernobyl, but only in a long time

STALKER games will finally win a real and official heir from the original creators' house - sometime in the beginning of the next decade

Official: Battlefield V gets exposure

EA Games will unveil in a few days the title that may be its biggest and most ambitious year for 2018

The next game of Doom creators and creators Just Cause

The new post-apocalyptic action game Rage 2 promises to be larger and more diverse, and is based on a surprising collaboration between two famous keys

Oops: The big games on the way were accidentally discovered

In the context of an innocent or perhaps not so bad error, the Walmart network in Canada has provided us with information on some of the most interesting and exciting titles that may land on the shelves this year

God of War: You can not stop playing

A lot of patience and investment in the small details allowed Sony to create one of the best games in the current generation

This is the best reason to purchase a PlayStation 4 console

Sonny's war god is missing and a giant, and he now enjoys a rare landmark and shattering sales that help explain why the PS4 is the leading console in Dora,

Big discounts on top-of-the-line games without file protections

GOG's new discount project purports to focus on the most popular and popular titles on the platform

Walls of Hope, the game version

The new action-adventure game, where you can play with a friend even if only one of you has purchased it, comes to us for criticism

The hits from your PC, now also in the smart device in your pocket

The most popular gaming genre today is undoubtedly the Battle Royale games, and now the war between the two most prominent leaders in the field also goes to the mobile screen

Changing Place, Changing Luck: The Success of Far Cry 5

Ubisoft's new game breaks popularity records for the series, even when not everyone loves the latest direction