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Deserves all praise: What Remains of Edith Finch

Get to know the piece that will prove to you that the world of adventure games is still alive and kicking

Far Cry 5: Yes for real money transactions, not for permanent internet connection

Ubisoft's first big game for 2018 will try to continue the success of Assassin's Creed Origins with a very similar business approach

Surprising: Cooperation between game creators and pirates

The Breakout Games group sells the pizza to a title grid - with the consent and blessing of its creators. Is this the beginning of a wonderful friendship?

The hit Battle Royale hits your smartphone (updated)

Love Fortnite Battle Royale and have trouble stopping and playing? Now you can do it almost anywhere

Meet the great action games of the year

So what will the current year look like in gaming? According to two of the largest distributors in the field, it will be very similar to what we have seen in the past

Do you have an Amazon subscription? Let's get a free game

Amazon Prime or Prime Video account owners access the Devil May Cry game in its new HD version without additional fees

Do not rest for a moment: the new gaming campaigns in online stores

For the arrival of the Final Fantasy 15 title, the gaming store gives you lots of discounts on the games of Square Enix and other companies' games

Coming Soon: Big and leading games with no file protections

Games distributor THQ Nordic decides to go against the tide and announces that it will launch all of its top games for 2018 even in versions without any file protections

The creator of Diablo and Diablo 2 reveals a unique new game

The programmer who helped create the game which is a genre in itself returns with an intriguing solo piece

New Classic: Two Point Hospital is the heir to The Theme Hospital

Meet the game that hopes to be a spiritual successor to the title of humorous simulation of the nineties

Bioware's next big game is delayed

Anthem, designed to be the basis for a brand new brand, will not be launched this year - despite the original statements

The first big game of the crowd financing platform Fig comes in April

The ambitious roleplay Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire wins an official launch date - and will try to prove that investing in independent developers for profit can be a successful business model

The official system requirements of Far Cry 5 are already here

Ubisoft's first big title for the new year will require modern and advanced hardware to look and work at its best

The most interesting games for 2018

There is something to wait for: the upcoming year is also supposed to be loaded with advanced and intriguing digital works

The new Metal Gear game has not yet been launched, and is already causing fans to rage

Exposing intentions to demand a permanent connection to the Internet and offer purchases of digital objects with real money does not add much sympathy to Metal Gear Survive, which will be launched next month

Prepare to conquer: Age of Empires: Definitive Edition will launch on 20 in February

Recovery to the legendary strategy game wins an updated launch date from Microsoft

As in the 1990s: First look at MechWarrior 5

Feel a strong need to enter into a giant futuristic robot and destroy everything in your environment? In the coming year you can do this with the comeback of a well-known and famous series of games

Respect the gamers: Know the games that do not contain real money purchase transactions

After a large number of the big distributors in the market chose to adopt real money purchases within their titles and created a hustle - we are beginning to hear about new titles from more modest homes that boast of going against the flow

Square Enix's position: not for real money purchases, yes for online games

The big Japanese distributor is in principle opposed to the Loot Box concept, but it certainly plans to offer us more and more games based on network connectivity rather than single-player feature situations

The Walking Dead and World War Z become promising action games

A first introduction to the promising titles based on the successful film and television series

The game that comes to consoles, late 12 years

Titan Quest's comeback never surprises us, this time it will also have a new version adapted to the latest Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo consoles

The classic games of Capcom come first to personal computers

The famous Japanese developer goes into a craze of innovation and will allow PC players to experiment for the first time with classic Devil May Cry and Mega Man games

Polishing time: Ubisoft rejects the release of Far Cry 5 and other games

Three of the titles of the French distributor for the first half of the year 2018 will arrive a little late

Another nostalgic return: Neverwinter Nights will be upgraded

BioWare's first three-dimensional role-playing game will also receive updates and refinements from Beamdog

Time to worry? All future games of the GTA distributor will contain digital purchases with real money

Access to games within a service, rather than as a product, continues to evolve rapidly - becoming the main target for Take-Two