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Free games that you must know

The network is full of opportunities to experience quality gaming without opening the wallet, and we are here to introduce you to eight out of the selection

The most interesting games of E3 2019

Sequel games, novelties, comebacks for old brands and original works - all starred in the biggest gaming show of the year

Endless discounts: Steam's summer promotions have started (updated)

Discounts on tens of thousands of different titles await you in the biggest online gaming store in the next two weeks

Another fall for Bethesda? The recent action game is disappointing in reviews

Rage 2 was supposed to be a brilliant open world version of Doom - but in practice, not everyone is excited about the final product, which has lower averages than its predecessor

Ready to Smash: New Gameplay Videos for Rage 2

The action game that promises a weapons effort and a Doom series approach to provide us with an addictive post-apocalyptic world we do not want to break out of - starting mid-

Horror and Cheap Survival: The Deals of Steam

At the end of this week you have the opportunity to experience the game "Crew 2" at no cost - and to buy the games of Capcom

A small picture for a promising future: Command & Conquer Remastered

The first picture of the renewed version of the legendary strategy game is designed to illustrate the great attention to detail that awaits us in the final product

Critics against the players: Mortal Kombat 11 wins a controversial launch

The design is spectacular and the violence is tougher than ever before - but the new battle title also includes a must for online work in single-player game modes and a large amount of micro-transactions with real money

Best in series? Devil May Cry 5 in Review

Dante comes back after a very long break - but manages to make us feel like he never left

The Burnout of the new generation, about: Dangerous Driving, arouses mixed feelings among the fans

A small indie team made up of the creators of the great Burnout Games has decided to provide us with a worthy spiritual heir - but not everyone loves the same result

Report: Watch_Dogs 3 will take us to a new country

The next episode of Ubisoft's hacking and crime games is already under development, it seems

Halo: The Master Chief Collection arrives at personal computers (updated)

Will PC owners soon be able to fill in large gaps in the past in the Master Chief's story?

Ready for another round in Far Cry's universe

The new installment in Ubisoft's successful series is ready to be launched with a somewhat post-apocalyptic chic and formal hardware requirements

Last chance: up to 17 discount on buying games at Steam

The current gaming platform of the gaming platform includes not only price cuts - but also for the first time an additional discount of NIS 100

Back to the top: These are the hardware requirements of Devil May Cry 5

The series of stylish and challenging action titles will soon have continuity after more than a decade of rest - with the need to prove to everyone that they have not lost their uniqueness

Free game, races, battles and more: Steam weekend specials

Come and get the horror-adventure game Kholat completely free and celebrate the upcoming launch of the game Dirt Rally 2.0 with a lot of juicy discounts

Watch: Dragon Ball Z's new incarnation

After the success of the last title-based battle title last year - it seems that the year 2019 will try to expand the supply in the gaming world with Project Z

Steam celebrates the exposure of Mortal Kombat 11

The next violent and bleeding episode in the series of battle games is approaching - with very significant discounts on the titles of the past

The Half-Life remake will be completed next year

Black Mesa, the impressive work that has given one of the most important action games in history a modern look and feel but has remained without an end point for years - gives us a launch date for the stages of friends

Add value to Radeon RX 590: Three leading free games

AMD's new deal provides three notable games to be reached next year - right now

Get ready for Warcraft 3: Reforged - the next monster of nostalgia from Blizzard

The classic version of World of Warcraft gets its release date - and with it another great surprise from that fictional universe in the form of a modern version of Warcraft 3

Blizzard slaughters holy cow: Diablo no one has asked (updated)

The Blizzcon 2018 conference opens in one of the company's most bizarre pronouncements - and one that is considered a slap in the face of veteran players in Diablo

The coolest trailers for tomorrow's games

The Gamescom exhibit is behind us, the biggest launches season of the year in front of us - and it's a great time to make a summary of the titles you're interested in

The farthest from The Witcher: Cyberpunk 2077's gameplay is revealed - and in a giant

After months of rumors and teasers alone, we get a chance to see for ourselves one of the most ambitious games ever created

Art violence: Doom Eternal in the first video game

After the successful launch in 2016, it seems that the immortal action series is about to become even more impressive and challenging next year