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Skriware Introduces: A revolutionary educational solution based on STEAM

A company called Skriware presents a surprising educational solution at the DLD Innovation Festival in Tel Aviv

Amazing: Boeing's next plane becomes cheaper thanks to titanium-printed components

The 3D printing world is becoming more relevant than ever before thanks to components that have been approved by the US Airline Authority

New: sports shoes printed from adidas mass-produced

After a variety of experimental products and probes, the giant company plans to offer us the next step in the 3D printing revolution

Another innovative surprise: 3-D home printing of ceramic materials

It turns out that not only the ability to print metals home-made may become a reality in the near future, but also the printing of hard and impressive ceramic materials - assuming you also have a programmable oven at your fingertips
Pen 3Doodler Pro

The 3-D Pen is rising to the Big League

The 3Doodler Pro opens new creative capabilities for architects, engineers, and anyone else in the 3D space - and the results are spectacular

A new era of law and order: the police are printing a dead man's finger to enter his android

The Michigan police are certainly not using the means to solve a murder mystery

The solution to the housing shortage? A robotic arm that builds houses and printed components

An Australian company has developed a robotic arm that builds a house at peak speed from printed elements

3D printers in the service of ... Turtle

Freddy, a Brazilian tortoise, was caught in a fire that almost destroyed his armor. But a team of highly creative doctors decided not to give it up.

3-D revolution: Getting to know the HP Multi Jet Fusion printer

The old American company promises us a real revolution in the world of 3D printing, but in the meantime the commercial launch is under question

Another surprising innovation: teeth that were created in a 3D printer and also destroy bacteria

Researchers from the Netherlands have developed a 3-D printed tooth that can kill 99 of bacteria in the mouth

Build yourself a robot: Star Wars meets 3D printing

The awakening power of three-dimensional printers: An amateur group demonstrates how to print the Star Wars Droid

New type balls are turning into printed guns for real deadly weapons

A man by the name of Michael Kramling has found a way to make hand-made bullets that do not destroy printed materials and may change the security reality in which we live

3D printing - now also with metal

American researchers have developed a three-dimensional printer that creates objects of Galium metal with the melting point nearest to room temperature

Meet the first printed bionic ear in history

The development of an ear that absorbs radio transmitters by Princeton University researchers raises great hopes for the creation of artificial Greek organs

Meet the Digitizer 3D: your home 3D scanner

MakerBot introduces the three-dimensional scanner that ensures accurate replication of almost any object you choose

3D printing - on the way to a war of clones?

Download pirate music files? who cares. Wait for people to start copying iPhones

Print yourself a racing car

Engineering students used three-dimensional printing to improve the performance of a custom-made electric racing car and a couple of beautifully printed projects

How 3D printers will become homes for mini-factories

The constantly evolving three-dimensional printer technology brings us closer to the day, so that each one of us will be able to make almost everything in his home whatever he thinks

3D printers - the future of information transfer technology

What is the secret of the magic of technology that threatens to forever change the way things are created in our world?