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Next Generation USB Drive: Sandisk Unveils a 4 Terabyte Model

True, external SSDs with volumes up to 2 terabytes are very compact - but it turns out that even smaller configurations can be found to transmit information from place to place, and in particularly impressive volumes

Micron introduces its first SSD drive with innovative QLC chips

The new generation NAND chips continue their gradual entry into the market as the successor to the TLC - this time even in particularly agile models that utilize the PCI-Express interface 3.0x4

Crucial MX500 Review: Mega-Lucent, in any configuration

The MX500 is becoming one of the most popular choices in the world of storage - let's get to know the elements behind the success story

The competition is getting hot: SSDs in terabyte capacity at a reduced price

The price of SSDs continues to fall - and now Amazon can find large volumes from Crucial and ADATA at prices that are hard to refuse

Meet the new and fast ADSA SSD

Silicon Motion's new advanced controller serves as the basis for creating an intriguing drive family

Moskin's new SSDs: on the way to the cheapest price?

The new Source family matches its name with relatively modest performance - but even recommended prices are at the bottom of the market, to our delight

Intel SSD 760p Audit Drive

The Intel 760p drive is the overwhelming answer to competition in the ultra-fast SSD market. We took him for a spin against the tough competition and we came out with interesting conclusions

3D memories A new generation of SSD drives at record volumes

The Korean memory chip maker is introducing new, self-made storage drives with new-generation chips

Some more popular NVMe drives come to the stores

After a surprise launch a few weeks ago, the new Intel SSD series for the 600p drives is available for purchase

On the way to faster and cheaper SSD drives: The controller that does not need a built-in cache

Silicon Motion's SM2263XT controller is based on the system's dynamic memory to deliver NVME performance at a price that should be close to the SATA drives

Ready for the era of QLC chips with huge performance: Marvell's new SSD controller

In the meantime, there are no commercial chips capable of accommodating four bits per storage compartment - but there is already an SSD that is ready to receive them,

Time to upgrade: The Crucial MX500 drives are available for purchase in all volumes

Micron is unveiling the prices of its entire family of new SSD drives, and they seem to be competitive from day one

Toshiba is introducing a small, promising SSD drive in the fast NVME technology

The RC100 will be another attempt to make advanced storage technology break into the mass market

Threatening Samsung: Micron is launching the Crucial MX500 drives with flattering reviews

The new SSD series of the American company is trying (and succeeds) to prove that the SATA standard is not dead yet

High Tuning: First SSD drive with Silicon Motion's leading controller reveals performance

A modest brand from the Far East is the first to offer an SSD drive based on Silicon Motion's SM2262 controller

New Generation Trailer: Intel introduces SSD on a single chip with a terabyte peak volume

Conclusion The chipmaker's public 2017 unveils a new and promising product that will become available in the coming year

Larger and faster: Toshiba is upgrading its SSDs

The three-dimensional BiCS chips enable Toshiba to offer us fast SSDs in the M.2 format with up to 2 terabytes

The successful comeback: Micron's new home SSDs are here

The BX300 series of American society is exposed and launched at the same time, with reviews pointing to it as a heiress worthy of the popular BX100

Optimistic optimism: Samsung's new NAND chip factory is in high gear

Is this the expansion of supply that will balance demand and allow market prices to return to a downward trend?

Also it does not stop working: SK Hynix begins to produce NAND chips with 72 layers

The Korean actress is not ready to give up the storage market, and announces a new three-dimensional technology to compete with Intel, Samsung and Toshiba

New basic SSD drives from PNY

The American company is launching an alternative to its CS1311 family

Toshiba Unveils New SSD Drive for OCZ Branded Home Market

The TR200 is another new generation product that is expected to contribute to increased competitiveness in the storage world

The updated SanDisk and Western Digital SSDs are landing in stores

The giant American company is also making the official transition to 3D NAND technology, and we are in the process of helping it shrink

Fast and three-dimensional: ADATA also tries its best with an SSD that is slotted into gaming

One of the major manufacturers pushing forward the 3-D NAND chipsets is launching a new, high-performance model

SanDisk and Western Digital's most popular drives, today in 3D

The storage giant is making the leap for a new generation of 3-D NAND chips, and we hope for prices that will surprise us for the better