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The most advanced gaming screens on the market include a disappointing compromise

4K resolution at the Hz 144 display rate is simply too much information for the latest video standards - and this creates a need for compression of the scale that may impair the quality of the end result

Sony's most expensive smartphone

Could the Japanese manufacturer's new 4K smartphone be the last to be officially available in Israel?

NVIDIA is preparing us for the launch of new products

It will not yet be a new generation of cores - but the green developer is preparing us the most advanced gaming devices

The 4K queen of the smartphone market is back

Sony continues to be the only manufacturer offering us 4K resolutions on smartphones - with the massive and impressive Xperia XZ2 Premium

Xperia XZ Pro: Sony's next leading product

New details about the Japanese flagship smartphone that will be unveiled at MWC next month

Return of the Robotic Dog

Sony's booth at CES 2018 contained stunning OLED TVs, promising smartphones and projectors displaying 4K from just a few inches away - but the show stole the new incarnation of the Aibo

Meet the new ThinkPad family screens

The Lenovo business brand is swelling with a pair of interesting and designed display devices

Smaller, sharper: Japan Display's future screens

The leading Japanese display manufacturer presents its answer to the virtual world of reality

Finally order HDR

VESA's new initiative defines three different levels of HDR support to help consumers understand what they are getting for their money

A sharp picture and an upgraded run rate: Xbox One X arrives in Israel

The most powerful lounge console created to date will be available for purchase starting in the middle of the week

Phillips's innovative 8K screen is approaching

A huge 32-sized home screen with HD resolution and HDR support - in stores starting next year

Looks good: the 4K screen at a sane price from Asus

The new VP28UQG model may be the cheapest way to enjoy your Ultra HD resolution at home

Cheaper than Amazon: The Xperia XZ Premium with the 4K screen was launched in Israel

Sony's new flagship device comes officially to the local market, with a price tag that should surprise you for the better

Samsung is ready for the new virtual reality with highly advanced screens

Did you think that an 5.5-inch screen with 4K resolution is a revolutionary development? Think again

Sony's most sophisticated smartphone is approaching Europe

With the Ultra HD screen, Qualcomm's new chip and a camera that is shooting a video camera close to 1,000 frames per second, is it possible that Xperia XZ Premium is the ultimate smartphone for 2017?

The most advanced computer screens get a price

Want to indulge in a luxury HDR screen or the first screen with a crazy 8K resolution? You should prepare the cash, and lots of them

Ultra HD It has been a fuss: Dell's new screen comes with an imaginary 8K resolution

Want a huge work space on a screen size 32 INCH? Dell sets up a model with a pixel size equal to four 4K screens, and an equally huge price

NVIDIA's show: monstrous processing, HDR technology and you can replace the graphics cards

The big event of the chip developer did not provide us with the dreaded GeForce card we expected, but it also provided us with many other reasons to get excited and to be interested

The gamers' fantasy: Asus displays an Ultra HD screen with everything we've ever asked for

Asus has prepared a lot of surprises for the coming year, one of which is the Republic of Gamers Gaming screen, which has some of the most requested features on the market

YouTube is rampant: live support at Ultra HD resolution and 60 frames per second

The largest video platform is upgraded with highly advanced recording capabilities. The first demonstration will come today

For the first time in Israel: Ultra HD content on TV

YES announces a new converter that will be offered at no additional cost, and will allow viewing 4K content in Israel. Among the hits: The next season of 'Fouda'

Sony's new console: Ultra HD gaming at 400 dollars

Two new and improved Playstation 4 versions will come to the market very soon: Let's get all the details about them

Samsung Introduces: TV that is almost a work of art

In a saturated market that is struggling to grow, the Korean giant is trying to find a new niche with an advanced product that will try to make design lovers fall in love

Year of 2016 by AMD: support for full 5K, FreeSync screens for mobile and other surprises

The graphics core developer claims to align itself with NVIDIA on almost all fronts in the coming year, and even skip over to technological leadership

Sony's ultra-high-end smartphone landed in Israel

How much will the world's first smartphone with an 4K screen cost? Almost like the iPhone 6S Plus