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Intel warns: The shortage of processors is still with us

The economic data for the first quarter chip maker of 2019 was positive - but the outlook for the future led to a fall in the share value

The largest and most advanced Galaxy S10 gets a launch date

The 5G version of Samsung's flagship device will arrive early next month - only in its source country

The surprise of OnePlus: An 5G device in a hiding place

The popular young brand also came to the MWC 2019 exhibition - with a next-generation device that will include an extremely long screen inside a dedicated chassis that does not reveal the full picture

In the opposite direction: Huawei's flexible device overwhelms us with technology - and at a price

The screens are even bigger and more impressive than the Samsung Galaxy Fold, charging is the fastest ever - but the price of the Mate X may be higher than the NIS 10,000

Race to the fifth generation

The modular addition that will transform the Z3 into a device with 5G capabilities stops in the American regulatory body in the way of formal launch

Fifth generation premiere: Qualcomm's flagship chip will be unveiled today

Prepare for the arrival of the Snapdragon 8150 in question - which will actually get the model name Snapdragon 855

The future is here: OnePlus will launch a smartphone supporting a fifth mobile generation next year

The next cellular generation still feels far away from us, but many manufacturers are already preparing for it vigorously - one of which is the competitive and popular Chinese

A promising future: The fifth cellular generation trial provided exceptionally impressive data transfer speeds

A test in Japan proved that wireless download speeds can be achieved much more than gigabit per second - even within a train traveling at 100 km / h

Not waiting: The United States is progressing to a fifth generation cell phone

The United States is preparing for the next generation of mobile networks: After the Federal Communications Commission votes to remove frequencies for the 5G, the White House also announces the allocation of 400 $ 1 million for research and development in the field