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The graphics division is in trouble? AMD's new-era graphics cards may only arrive at the end of the year

The Navi generation, which is expected to inherit Polaris and Vega at the same time, may be delayed and reach us later than expected

Catch Me If You Can: The performance of the Radeon VII is revealed

AMD has been able to create impressive and advanced models with respect to all that preceded them - and at the same time disappointing

The stock war of AMD and NVIDIA

The market value of the green chip developer is cut with a warning about reduced revenues, while that of the red competitor continues to rise as part of another qualitative quarter and positive news

AMD attacks the chromoboys

In an unexpected and surprising step, we are getting new-old Excavator processors designed to be very basic and inexpensive laptops with Google's operating system

AMD unveils the Radeon VII - a graphics card that will try to slow down the Geforce RTX

AMD's Radeon power first comes to levels that featured graphics cards like GTX 1080 Ti and RTX 2080 with the new Radeon VII - the first ever 7 in nm

The AMD show at CES: the processor that will challenge the Core i9 9900K

The event that many have been waiting for has come - AMD's head stands on stage and exposes a wealth of technologies in the advanced production process of the 7 nanometer

Not all gaming screens were born the same: NVIDIA demonstrates the challenges of Adaptive Sync

A new video from the CES 2019 chipset booth should help us understand why only a pinch of all the FreeSync screens will have built-in official support for the GeForce

Sales liquidation began? Meet the best Radeon cards around

Radeon RX 580 leads at a great price or Radeon RX 570 modest at minimal cost? You just have to choose

More efficient, more powerful: AMD introduces new mobile processors

The chip developer officially begins its third Ryzen generation with cost-effective mobile models with significant potential

The tiny price goes back: The Radeon RX 580 video card is available for NIS 915

The American Amazon brings back some of the great deals that accompanied us last month - and this includes a suitable intermediate market ticket at a very good price

The strange competition that validates the next AMD processor models

AMD's marketing representative has challenged surfers to guess the performance results of a future pair of processors from the company

Believe the rumors? These are AMD's future processors and graphics cards

A YouTube channel that had previously predicted the details of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX generation now purports to provide us with the technical details of 2019's Ryzen and Radeon processors

Start the countdown: AMD's next generation CPU will be displayed in Computex

Zen 2 cores, a new chipset called X570 and support for new PCI-Express 4.0 drives - the programs of the red chip developer for the near future are being exposed

Black Friday 2018: The sale of AMD processors

Want maximum processing cores for minimum price? You'd better examine these online deals as soon as possible

The next generation of Radeon: computational learning without restraint

The Vega architecture moves to 7 nanometer with impressive performance and capabilities - for servers and professionals in the first stage

The first supercomputer in the new era of AMD

10,000 Processors Rome with 64 Zen 2 cores are expected to provide computing capabilities of nearly 25,000 trillion operations per second - which also exposes one of the intended working frequencies of the innovative product

Add value to Radeon RX 590: Three leading free games

AMD's new deal provides three notable games to be reached next year - right now

Familiarity with X399 AORUS XTREME - the most ambitious board of Gigabyte

One of the most advanced motherboards on the market gets us a close look - does Gigabyte become the HEDT Queen in the Kingdom of AMD?

Radeon RX 590: Squeeze the Polaris to the edge

Increased frequency, increased price - and much more power consumed: The Radeon RX 590 cards are officially launched anywhere

The MacBook Pro is now even more expensive

AMD's new Radeon Pro cards are officially added to Apple's upgrade offerings - and prices are not cheap at all

All ready to launch: Radeon RX 590 models leak to the network

The technical details about the recent evolution of the Polaris architecture are validated from several sources, and now we seem to be in a moment before the official announcement that you will also disclose the intended prices

AMD's new EPYC: the most processing cores and support for PCI-Express 4.0

Along with the unveiling of the Zen 2 architecture, we received a teaser for Rome - the new generation of red chips to servers that doubles the number of cores available on a motherboard and can provide up to 4 performance improvements in some cases

The prestigious cooperation between AMD and Amazon

The EPYC processors of the chip developer are officially becoming part of the empire's extensive network services from Jeff Bezos

AMD does not stop: Generation Zen 4 has been developing

The current success of the Zen architecture dictates continuity for the foreseeable future - there is also a new generation of acceleration for deep learning in planning

7 nm, up to 64 cores: Zen 2 cores are a technological marvel of AMD

The new generation of processors from AMD at 7 nm will offer not only an improvement in the efficiency and maximum performance of each core, but also a unique and innovative arrangement for them that integrates different generation technologies