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Gilded and gilded: the festive version of the Radeon RX 5700 XT

The new and promising Navi model will also be part of the 50 year celebrations for the founding of AMD

Best kept to the end: Introducing the 16 monster to the home market, the Ryzen 9 3950X

AMD's press conference at E3 ended in fireworks as the most monstrous processor for the AM4 chassis

Meet the new Radeon gaming team

The E3 conference began and AMD is holding its next Next Horizon Gaming event with new hardware. Let's get to know the very promising screen cards on the way

Computex was just the trailer: AMD is showing performance tests for its new processors

AMD's Next Horizon Gaming event at E3 brings more details about the performance of the Ryzen 3000 coming to the shelves next month

The Threadripper processor family is not going anywhere

Although the launch plans for 2019 were rejected - AMD makes it clear that the HEDT series of home processors will still make its comeback

Powerful power around the corner: Ryzen bin 16 processor cores were observed in Computex

Although the central stage has not been officially announced, it seems that a home processor for the masses with a record number of processing cores is indeed in existence and on its way to the market

Meet the Gigabyte monsters for the AMD X570 platform

Motherboard maker Gigabyte unveils interesting motherboards for AMD's AM4 chassis in X570 chipset

AMD's Year: Introducing the new gaming processors, led by the dreaded Ryzen 9 3900X

The Sunvale chip developer is unveiling what may be its most significant leap against Intel for about a decade and a half - with a new and powerful series of processors for the familiar AM4

AMD's hardware has been selected for the most powerful computer development in the world

The American chip developer and Cray will build the first supercomputer in the Exa era for the US Department of Energy

Meet MSI's most interesting motherboards - for the New Age Ryzen processors

The renowned motherboards manufacturer introduces an uncompromising advanced line of motherboards based on the X570 chipset - for the arrival of the latest AMD processors

Meet the Radeon RX 5000 series - Navi's debut

AMD gives us a teaser for the new video cards that it is expected to launch later this summer at E3 with performance that will threaten the GeForce RTX 2070

AMD's big program: a wave of new launches within three months

AMD's grandiose plans include many launches in the third quarter of the year

Feel the new generation in the air: Ryzen processors at the lowest prices

Additional price cuts for both current generations from AMD provide excellent timing for purchase or upgrade

Processors, SSD drives and more: Amazon's hardware operations (updated)

Prices in online stores continue to decline in almost all categories

Navi's first picture? GDDR6 Memories and Large Power Consumption (updated)

A stripped-up photograph of what should be the next-generation circuit on the next-generation video cards on AMD makes a big deal

Networked: AMD's Ryzen 3200G and Ryzen 3400G processors

New and slightly enhanced APU models will soon become official

Teasers on the Net: New Motherboards for AMD

The launch of the third Ryzen generation is rapidly approaching - and with it a new generation of chip-based xnxx chipsets

50 celebrates in style: AMD will launch festive versions of its products

The red chip developer is about to start its 100th anniversary celebrations with exclusive versions of the Radeon VII, the Ryzen 7 2700X processor and more

Impressive hardware operations - also in the Israeli market

TMS offers a number of surprises for every hardware enthusiast to examine

Sony on the outside, AMD Inside: The next PlayStation console is partially exposed

An interview with the system engineer of the Japanese Next Generation console gives us official approval for the use of advanced processing chips from the Zen 2 and the Navi

Network Deals: More dynamic memories and SSD drives below the VAT exemption threshold (updated)

Amazon and Newegg are providing us with more operation prices that are very difficult to refuse

Amazon Operations: Quad-Core CPU and DDR4 Generous Memory (updated)

New products fall below the threshold of the Israeli exemption from VAT and become extraordinary

Getting ready for the big launch? AMD will deliver the opening event of the Computex 2019 exhibition

CEO of chip developer will take center stage at Taiwan's largest hardware exhibition at the end of next month - and the network are convinced that the timing will be used to announce both a new generation of processors and a new generation of video cards

Sapphire RX 590 Nitro Video Card Review: Excellent engineering and tough competition

The availability is good, prices are going down and performance is good - how does AMD's RX 590 handle competitors? We took the creation of Sapphire for a comprehensive review

Today at Amazon: Excellent hardware operations

AMD 12 processors are priced at an unprecedented price and more surprises await you in the network, in the coming hours only