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Samsung Aspire: A tablet with four speakers and an AMOLED screen

A few days before the new smartphones - we get the Korean manufacturer an official announcement of tablets for 2019

Samsung's Splendor: Get to know your smartphone with a folding screen

The event we were waiting for did not take place behind closed doors, but on stage in front of the entire world: the largest smartphone maker is almost ready to offer us a smartphone that suddenly turns into a small tablet, and also ensures that the Android system will offer built-in support for these innovative configurations in the future

Revolutionary, but not enough ripe: FlexPai, the first smartphone with a flexible and foldable screen

An anonymous Chinese company succeeds in getting ahead of Samsung and presents us with a mobile device with a truly flexible and folding screen - which helps to illustrate why it takes so long to make this vision a reality.

Samsung Introduces: Luxury at a Cut Price

Meet Samsung's new Galaxy A, which ensures high-quality design, impressive display and good shooting capabilities for less than 400 euros. Will they succeed?

Korean Wall: Samsung's revolutionary modular TV has captured us

The biggest surprise at Samsung's booth is a record-breaking TV and technology that can change not only home entertainment but also the world of cinema - but it's really not alone there

Another promising Samsung patent: front and back screen on smartphone

New manufacturer documentation shows how a smart device with a display stretched from one side to the other will affect our user experience

The Future According to Samsung: A screen on both sides of the smartphone and a biometric handheld scanner

Additional patents from the giant company present interesting ideas that can appear in real devices very soon

Touching from flexible screens: Samsung is making a smartphone with a display that curls to the back

The company's new patent gives us a clue about the next possible development of its flexible display technology

The patience is paying off: OLED screens may become more common than LCDs by the end of the decade

After several years in which Samsung relied on them almost alone in the shadow of claims of excessive price and reliability problems, the technology that allows us to get almost infinite contrast is in the safe way up

See: Samsung's flexible and extensible OLED screen in action for the first time

A new short video gives us a glimpse into the intriguing future of the world of display media

Trouble in Galaxy S8: When the advanced screen turns out to be a bit too advanced

Not long after he received a pile of praise from the professionals and was crowned as the best in his field, reports are emerging that some units of Samsung flagship devices suffer from display problems

Samsung's futuristic futuristic will give us a large removable display in a small device

After the Galaxy S8 is going to maximize what can be achieved in the basic configuration used for smartphones, it seems that the next step will be an inevitable transition to truly flexible screens

Cheaper smartphones with curved screens on the way to us

Japan Dispay's new flexible screen can significantly expand access to devices with unusual configurations

Get to know the screen that will make smartphones more compact and interesting

Sharp reveals the type to a smart device with a non-square screen, and no border at all from three directions

The quickest will win? Samsung is preparing to launch new flagship devices in January

The early launch of the new Galaxy Nut opened the appetite for the giant company, which reportedly plans to launch the Galaxy S7 in January

Microsoft Lumia 950 devices are great hardware that craves the right software

The pair of new Microsoft flagship devices in the mobile version of Windows are attractive and advanced, but is the program side truly ripe for competition against Android and iOS?

Huawei's smart clock will be available in an expensive version, and in a particularly expensive version

The Chinese manufacturer's surprisingly elegant watch will cost you $ 350 or more, with a bright gold-plated version sold at a massive cost of $ 800

The thinnest, the strongest? Samsung Announces War on iPad, Again

Samsung has a pair of new tablets that claim to take advantage of the strengths of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 4 to challenge the iPad and iPad mini for the umpteenth time

Right from the next decade: Samsung is planning ultra-HD 8 smartphones

The Korean giant plans to invest tens of millions of dollars in development that will ensure at least another decade of pursuit of resolution and the highest and highest pixel density

Meet Samsung's thinnest smartphone ever

The Korean manufacturer's new middleware is exposed in all India with a thin waistline, a Super AMOLED screen and an enhanced camera

The Gionee Elife E8 is probably the most luxurious Chinese smartphone you have ever seen

With the 24 mega pixel camera, the vast AMOLED screen and the most advanced chip that MediaTek has to offer, the E8 is convinced that it can compete with the Galaxy S6 and the 6 Plus and win

CES 2015: Meet the most impressive concave smartphone ever created

If you thought that the LG G Flex last year was just a passing trend, think again - the company is introducing a new and powerful generation of the most flexible smartphone on the market

Best of all worlds: MEMS-IGZO screens on the way to serial production

The technological cooperation between Sharp and Qualcomm promises to provide us with screens that combine the best advantages of the LCD and the best OLED advantages in one package. The first product is already on its way to the store shelves - early next year

Moto X + 1: The Latest Ace of Motorola and Google

Motorola's latest smartphone in the era of Google dreams of conquering the mid-high market with customizable options and a winking price. Does he have a chance against the mighty competition from the East? Let's judge

Watch: AMOLED technology reaches the big screens

The Samsung Galaxy S family is expanding into the world of tablets with two new and advanced premium devices based on Super AMOLED screens in WQHD resolution