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End of the Road? Google vs. Huawei (updated)

Further sanctions imposed on the Chinese manufacturer by the US government have also led to a dramatic move from Google - which could derail the business of its smartphones

First impressions: The Elder Scrolls series reaches the smartphones

The legendary role-playing series lands on Android and iOS devices - but does it really feel like Skyrim and Oblivion or more like cheap imitation?

New Great Games for Your Smartphone - November Edition

Addicted to gaming that walks you in your pocket everywhere? These are the new prominent titles that you must know

Blizzard slaughters holy cow: Diablo no one has asked (updated)

The Blizzcon 2018 conference opens in one of the company's most bizarre pronouncements - and one that is considered a slap in the face of veteran players in Diablo

The new mobile games you must know

No matter if you have an iPhone or Android in your pocket - here are eight games that have been launched recently and you should check them out soon

Last month of conspiracy about Pixel 3: Did Google work on everyone?

Google has distributed invitations to an official media event in New York City in more than a month - and will finally tell us whether all the big leaks are a real omission or an ingenious marketing trick

Experience the F1's Pocophone ™ before you decide whether to buy it

Xiaomi offers a free download of the new visual interface that it created for its mega-cost hardware piece

Healthier: Google Fit is turning around

Know the minutes of movement and points of heart - the new data that can help you be healthier and more secure

With the Pie comes the appetite: a new record of Google's Pixel 3 XL

One of the candidates for the title of the best smartphone on the market for 2018 shows his face once more and reveals additional technical information

Google Challenge: Fortnite in Android will not be available on Google Play

The most popular action game in the world today is approaching the launch of the largest smartphone platform of all - but will do so with an unexpected approach

Simple Pie: Android 9.0 was officially launched

Owners of Pixel devices can install the latest version of the operating system right now - and some others can do it before the end of this year

New (negative) record: Google's huge fine

The war on self-promotion methods of the Internet giant in the European Union is on the rise

The most useful use of laminated reality? Google's updated measurement app

From today, consumers with ARCore-enabled smartphones will be able to measure objects around them quickly and easily

Corpse abuse: The network eliminates EA's new strategy game

The American game distributor decided to take a risk and bring the Command & Conquer brand back to life for the mobile market - but it is doubtful whether they expected such an extreme negative reaction to the venture

Not dying, but subject to change: The future of Essential Phone is unclear

The prestigious project of the creator of the Android system, which gave rise to the downside trend on the screen, may become a new ownership, while it is not yet clear when and whether we will be able to see a new smartphone

Apple vs. Valve: Not to Steam on your iPhone

The massive launch of the Steam Link application for smartphones ended earlier than expected on iOS devices, suggesting that Apple plans to launch its own dedicated gaming service

The hits from your PC, now also in the smart device in your pocket

The most popular gaming genre today is undoubtedly the Battle Royale games, and now the war between the two most prominent leaders in the field also goes to the mobile screen

Duolingo presents: course in fictional language

The new addition to the Duolingo service is out of this world, literally

Google launched a trial version for the next generation of Android - and abandoned the users

Android P is available for experimentation and early impressions - but also symbolizes the end of the road for the family of Naxos devices throughout the ages

The hit Battle Royale hits your smartphone (updated)

Love Fortnite Battle Royale and have trouble stopping and playing? Now you can do it almost anywhere

Chrome OS system, now on tablets too

The advent of a first-of-its-kind device that runs Google's cloud-based operating system may be the last nail in Android's coffin for this area

Goodbye to Android on tablets: Google stops offering the Pixel C in its store

The technology company is officially eliminating the supply of its tablets based on the mobile operating system - for the benefit of the Chrome OS system

Google launches a new photo app for your smartphones

Three huge experimental applications are now available for download - one for Android, one for iOS and one for both

Apple shows: A small buy for a large company

The Shazam song recognition app is becoming part of the giant American technology archive for an estimated $ 400 million

The expert's external smartphone camera, and finally the Android

A year after the launch for Apple's devices, the camera created by the DxOMark site is also available for use with the most popular operating system smartphones