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NVIDIA's powerful Android tablet makes a comeback with an excellent price tag

With a kepler graphics core, exclusive titles and a lower price tag, NVIDIA hope Shield K1 will be a real heir to the Nexus 7

NVIDIA's economic performance: Revenues are rising, but not everything glows

The chipmaker from Santa Clara experienced another quality quarter, but was forced to hit its profit line following the failure to implement the software modem technology it had acquired

The sucker who did not wait: The GeForce GTX 980 Ti lands in stores

NVIDIA Launches GeForce GTX 980 Ti, the most advanced non-Titan graphics card, designed for performance enthusiasts who want optimal 4K performance and are willing to pay substantial amounts

Will DirectX 12 allow AMD and NVIDIA cards to work together?

For new information coming from Tom's Hardware, the move to DirectX 12 will allow users and gamers to put together computers with AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards together

Razer is refreshing its impressive gaming mobile: more RAM and more performance at the same price

Razer's famous Blade PC gets an update for 2015 with an improved processor, a new graphics card and more RAM for an improved gaming experience at no extra cost

Can your computer run Battlefield Hardline? Let's find out

The system requirements for one of the Battlefield Hardline's anticipated FPS games are revealed, do you keep your PC up to the relatively high requirements of the game?

Easy prey: AMD reduces the price of the R9 290X cards in response to the GTX 970 problems

After the evidence that the GTX 970 comes with its poor graphical memory design, AMD sinks salt on the wounds with significant price reductions and painful advertising

GTX 960 Launched: The Perfect Graphics Card for Multiplayer Games?

What seems like a response to the multiplayer gaming community like Dota and the League of Legends, Anuidia launches its new Maxwell card for the mid-market

Trouble in Heaven: A bug has been found that damages the memory performance of the GTX 970 card

The bug, which only two weeks after the discovery was officially referred to by Nvidia, damages the performance of the card when over 3.5 of gigabyte memory is used

Just before the official launch: GeForce GTX 960 - all details are revealed

NVIDIA's new intermediate card is due to be unveiled at 22 in January, but there are those who are unwilling to wait and are already showing us the full details of the hardware and performance we are waiting for. Revolution around the corner?

CES 2015: Acer introduces unique gaming screens

In addition to the laptops that the company presented just days before the CES exhibition that takes place at 5 a month, Acer also launches an 27 screen with Nvidia's G-Sync technology and an 144Hz refresh rate

CES 2015: The Tegra X1 chip has been unveiled - a brand new performance standard

Anodia brings up the mobile market and introduces the next generation of its famous Tegra chips, the Tegra X1 octagonal cores, based on the successful Maxwell architecture

Tegra K1 on your smartphone: New data about Google's Project Ara

Google's modular smartphone project continues to take shape, and new data from the company attests to its progress with a third prototype expected to see the spotlight during the year - in the framework of prestigious collaborations with NVIDIA and Marvell in the chip sector

The next generation AMD and NVIDIA graphics chips are delayed

The reason for the delay is the lack of chips in the advanced lithography of 20 and 16 nanometers, which are supplied for other purposes and are more "urgent" than the manufacture of smart chips for companies such as Apple and Qualcomm

The Antec GX300 case brings convenience and quality to 300

The new chassis, which is added to the company's familiar GX series, comes with huge video card support and convenience that is not easy to find at the same price level

Great War of Performance: Snapdragon 805 vs Exynos 7

With the launch of the two versions of the Galaxy 4, it is finally possible to check whether the new Exynos chip from the Samsung Cores can stand up against Qualcomm's Snapdragon 805 chip

AMD Radeon R9 390X - First Performance Test Revealed?

A new performance test has appeared on the net with an unknown video card showing impressive capabilities - is it the next generation of AMD?

4K screens with Samsung FreeSync technology are being exposed

Samsung places its hopes on AMD with broad support of FreeSync technology on the company's new screens, which are expected to reach UHD resolution

GeForce GTX 960 and GeForce GTX TITAN II - first details

The information does not stop flowing: new details have been discovered, ostensibly, about the two future Anodia video cards

First look at AMD's Radeon 390 and 390X video cards?

A pair of video cards with data that does not match the current video card models have sprung up on the network - is this the next generation AMD is preparing for us?

R9 290X and GTX 980 with double memory on their way to the market

AMD and NVIDIA plan to unveil versions with 5GB GDDR8 memory for their single core card drives, which will be available for purchase before the end of the year

NVIDIA Announces: The neighbor's polygon is greener

Introducing Turf - the new technology of Anodia that allows making the most realistic simulation for ... Grass

Alienware Unveils Mobile Gaming Capability to Connect Desktop Video Card

The company is launching an updated version of its small gaming mobile that will come with a unique stand for an external desktop video card that will allow you to boost performance at the moment

Gigabyte introduces: Honey, the GTX 970 shrunk

Gigabyte launches the most compact GeForce GTX 970 card so far - for anyone looking for maximum performance in a small package

NVIDIA's DSR technology - from now on to older video cards

Anodia enables the use of DSR in its latest official driver for Fermi and Kepler-based video cards