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Let's regenerate: fresh coupons on the net

The smart products you did not know you needed at surprising prices

Xiaomi's new mazes in Israel

The Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet and the compact Redmi Note 7a have landed in Israel at prices that might surprise you for the better

Everything for the perfect Salafi: Xiaomi wants to conquer the young with CC9

An intriguing collaboration between two Chinese manufacturers gives rise to a new series of devices with the name CC9, which will focus on the photographic capabilities

The eulogies were early? Huawei can continue to do business with American companies

An optimistic meeting between the leaders of the United States and China leads to a positive declaration for the giant company, with the next stage likely to restore the situation to its previous state and cancel all the sanctions imposed on it recently

New bidder at three-digit price: Meizu Note 9 arrived in Israel

The Chinese smartphone that offers an up-to-date Snapdragon 675 chip and 128GB for storage at a highly competitive price is available for purchase in a chain of bug stores

A new era of Salafi cameras

Xoomi and Oppo ensure, separately, front cameras that will be built under the display panel without taking up unnecessary physical space

The new brilliance of the Xumi: Redmi K20 officially exposed

The popular Chinese manufacturer wants to be the one who shatters the rules in the market for flagship appliances also in 2019

End of the Road? Google vs. Huawei (updated)

Further sanctions imposed on the Chinese manufacturer by the US government have also led to a dramatic move from Google - which could derail the business of its smartphones

Photo before all: Huawei P30 Pro in a comprehensive review

We took Huawei's new flagship device, which claims to be the best in the world when it comes to photography, for a long spin - does it justify the price? All the details inside

You will not find faster than this: OnePlus introduces the new flagship

OnePlus 7 Pro is the most expensive and prestigious Chinese manufacturer to date - and will also have a slightly discounted companion

All for Salafi: The Redmi Y3 smartphone is exposed

Interested in Redmi 7 but strive for more advanced photo quality? To the climax of another model to offer you, low cost in the best tradition

The best combination? Unlocked Redmi with Chip Snapdragon 855

A budget instrument with the performance of a flag instrument? It seems that this is going to become a reality thanks to a company that is in the making

You have to see to believe: XumiX's technology will charge batteries in 17 for minutes

The Chinese company ignites the imagination with the loading of a futuristic FT 100 that can fill 4,000mAh capacity at high speed 3 from everything we have met to date

Advanced, but not very profitable: Meet the Nokia X71

Nokia's unusual branding system continues to get tangled up with a fresh intermediate model introduced for the Taiwan market as a prelude to international launch

Huawei's new smartphones - already in Israel

The P30 and P30 Pro models join the struggle for the heart of the Israeli consumer - with a smart clock gift for early ordering

Disappointment for the waiting: Redmi Note 7 Pro will not receive international distribution?

One of the most powerful and most expensive mid-sized models of Xumi may remain exclusive to the Indian and Chinese markets

No Waiting For Anyone: The Unlucky Reveals Unlocked Snapdragon 855 Third

After the Mi 9 and the fifth generation version of the Mi Mix 3 comes the line of extroverted gaming - Meet the Black Shark 2

Another important upgrade: the Xiaomi Redmi 7 was revealed

An improved processing chip and array of photography at the same starting price tag is equivalent to just $ 105

The flexible screens continue to ignite the imagination

ZTE's Nubia brand offers one of the most surprising concepts at MWC 2019 - a great smart clock that is also a smartphone

In the opposite direction: Huawei's flexible device overwhelms us with technology - and at a price

The screens are even bigger and more impressive than the Samsung Galaxy Fold, charging is the fastest ever - but the price of the Mate X may be higher than the NIS 10,000

Israeli Technology Inside: Oppo Unveils Up to 10 Smartphone with No Loss of Quality

The next technological development of the Chinese manufacturer will come to the market as a real product in the second quarter of 2019

Go for the jackpot: Huawei will unveil a collapsible 5G smartphone

Posters hung in the final preparations for the MWC conference in Barcelona reveal the mysterious Mate X - folding backwards to the Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Unveils Samsung to Release Flag Device Simultaneously with Galaxy S10 (Updated)

The February 20 will give us not only a range of high-end Samsung models - but also an official unveiling of the promising Mi 9

Worker Hero: Moto G7 Power Brilliant in battery life

Lenovo's new midrange uses the 720p and the small Snapdragon 632 chip - but in return provides the most impressive battery life

Direct battle against Redmi Note 7 Pro: Meizu's promising middle model

The note series of the ambitious Chinese manufacturer will be upgraded in the coming month