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The Mediatek's ten-core chip pops up in the performance test and delivers very impressive results

The chip's new Helio X20 chipset makes muscle in the reservoir of the popular Geekbench test

Official: The double Radeon Fury X2 was postponed to next year

A minority of leading titles supporting quadratic cores have led the chip developer to postpone the launch of its most powerful video card

Qualcomm introduces Snapdragon chips 650 and Snapdragon 652

The chip maker has decided to change the name of its intermediate chips for 2016, and rightly so

Intel is preparing its own rival for Steam machines

A new report tells us about the Skull Canyon, the most powerful NUC computer to date with a built-in Iris Pro 580

GeForce GTX 965M video card with improved performance on the way

New evidence suggests that the NVIDIA mobile gaming model will soon receive significant performance

AMD will unveil the Radeon Fury X2 soon

The new model, which will combine two of the chip's most powerful cores, may be unveiled in the coming month, with real availability in stores during the first quarter of next year

The Radeon R9 380X was launched, with a lower price than expected

The new AMD model does not smash the competition, but nevertheless offers a good alternative that will make even better when the price falls below the recommended cost

NVIDIA certifies: Pascal cores with unprecedented volume and bandwidth HBM2 memories

The GTC conference of the chip developer in Japan provides us with new details about its next large architecture

Reports: AMD's new generation of graphics cards focuses on improving performance efficiency

The first generation of the chip's FinFET is aimed at a big leap in performance per watt of invested energy

Mobile Monster: New performance tests for the Mobile GeForce GTX 980 cards

Detailed and up-to-date performance tests for the new NVIDIA portable video card confirm that this is one of the most impressive technology products we have seen this year

The Galaxy S7 will also come in premium version, with even more processing power?

Sources report that Samsung's next flagship device will be offered in a very expensive and prestigious version, with a particularly formidable graphics core

The most efficient to date: ARM announces Corex A35 core

The British hardware developer has a new core that promises to be even cheaper and more economical than the Cortex A53, hoping to connect a billion more users to the era of smartphones

Broadwell-E processors are exposed: finally with 10 physical cores?

More than a year has passed since the arrival of the current ultra-high-end processors. Now finally exposed to the next Extreme processors, and they have to offer a lot of ... cores

AMD is accused of misinformation

The AMD processor manufacturer is dragged to court for misinformation about the number of cores of its processors

The next middle market champion? AMD will soon unveil the Radeon R9 380X card

The red actress is making a heir worthy of one of her best video cards

End of Days Vision: AMD and NVIDIA video cards work together, and it works well

Microsoft has assured us that DirectX 12 will allow us to mix various kinds of video cards. The next experiment proves that this is certainly feasible

The winter will be hot; prepare for the dual-core graphics cards

Alongside the dual Radeon Fury we've seen for a moment in the past, it seems that the NVIDIA competitor has a plan to launch its own dual flag. The ultimate performance test of the current generation?

Line alignment: AMD launches the Radeon R9 370X

The red maker is competing with the GeForce GTX 950, which is actually the Radeon HD 7870 equipped with a new color layer

Maxwell Seafront: Meet the GeForce GTX 950

The cheapest Maxwell 2.0 model is here, and hopes to prove itself as a worthy replacement for the favorite GeForce GTX 750 Ti

Expensive but groundbreaking: Everything you need to know about the Radeon R9 Nano

The card that promises great performance in a tiny package is fully exposed and surprisingly successful, but it can still disappoint many of those waiting for it

The AMD Radeon R9 Nano Card was launched

The compact and super efficient AMD card is officially presented with a higher than expected price tag

Mobile Skylake Processors: The on-line models are exposed

Intel's new generation mobile processor models are being exposed thanks to updated, updated slides

Going on a new road? First official glimpse of the Snapdragon 820 chip

As promised, Qualcomm has officially unveiled its next leading ARM chip. Or at least selected parts thereof

NVIDIA's economic performance: Revenues are rising, but not everything glows

The chipmaker from Santa Clara experienced another quality quarter, but was forced to hit its profit line following the failure to implement the software modem technology it had acquired

The Helio X30 chip is exposed: Mediatek's ten cores wait for four Qualcomm chipsets

New information on the net gives us a first glimpse of Taiwan's Mediatek's first 16 nanometer chip, which will offer 10 processing cores and a state-of-the-art graphics core in an effort to subdue the giant competitor Snapdragon 820