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Upgrade without warning: New iPad models are being exposed

The tablet market is shrinking? Apple is not alarmed - and launches improved versions for the iPad Air and iPad Mini

The MacBook Pro is now even more expensive

AMD's new Radeon Pro cards are officially added to Apple's upgrade offerings - and prices are not cheap at all

Upgrade or lower? The new MacBook Air lags behind the iPad Pro

Apple's choice of an ultra-low-cost dual-core Intel processor for its new laptops and a jump in the initial price of the $ 200 is causing quite a bit of consumer wonder - especially if you compare the offerings to the powerful tablets

Growth Challenge: Apple stops displaying sales numbers for its products

The report for the third quarter of 2018, which had a huge net profit but without an increase in the relative sales volume, will be the last in which we receive numerical data on the number of smartphones and computers that the giant company managed to sell

MacBook Pro computers are getting unexpected boost from AMD

Updated mobile models reveal new graphics cards based on the latest red chip developer architecture

Apple's Monster: A12X Closer Than Ever Performance of Intel and AMD (Updated)

The new iPads are tested initially on the Geekbench test - and show a huge leap compared to their predecessors and compared to the latest iPhones

Qualcomm at 7 nm: First Benchmarks for Snapdragon 8150

The successor to the Snapdragon 845 will be able to significantly reduce the gap from the Apple A12 and compete directly with Huawei's Kirin 980,

The new mobile games you must know

No matter if you have an iPhone or Android in your pocket - here are eight games that have been launched recently and you should check them out soon

Check the logs, prepare the cash: iPhone XS arrives in the country in mid-October

Apple's new generation gets a launch date in the local market - and price tags are breaking records

Qualcomm promises to improve battery life on smart watches, and large

Introducing the Snapdragon Wear 3100 chips, which are very similar to what we have seen in the field on the one hand but promise to improve the most painful issue in the field on the other hand

All the major improvements of iPhone XS and iPhone XR

Not all the products we had hoped for were indeed presented in the giant company's event - but those that do provide us with many new topics of conversation

Apple introduces: a smart clock which is almost like a small doctor

The new generation of Apple Watch is more expensive and sophisticated - and also comes with a quality note from the US Food and Drug Administration. We continue to hear claims that the wearable computing sector is in trouble ...

Apple's new trio will push Apple to record sales? (Updated)

Only one day remains for Apple's big launch this year - and many are already convinced that we are expected to have hits that can challenge even Samsung's sales volume

The launch is approaching: the first official picture of the iPhone XS is being revealed

Apple is asking everyone to "circle in a circle" around the futuristic campus it has built - and the network has already seen the first images of the iPhone XS and the fourth generation Apple Watch on the way

Advertisement Battle: Galaxy Note 9 vs. Apple and Huawei

Samsung launches new humorous advertisements designed to laugh at Apple's expense - while Huawei is trying to exaggerate the Note 9 itself

We will not stop selling: Huawei shatters another personal record

China's top-ranked manufacturer is taking second place in Apple's smartphone market for the first time, and the plans for the future also include a triumphant dream of Samsung

Apple vs. Valve: Not to Steam on your iPhone

The massive launch of the Steam Link application for smartphones ended earlier than expected on iOS devices, suggesting that Apple plans to launch its own dedicated gaming service

Apple: The first to reach a trillion dollars?

Tim Cook's giant company is enjoying a huge demand for its shares at sky-high price levels - and is about to make history with an imaginary market value

Who is responsible for the shooting attacks on Google and Apple employees?

In recent months, the technology giants of Google and Apple have been "rewarded" for shooting with an air rifle from an unknown victim

Apple will unveil a portable MacBook Air discounted soon

The chain estimates that the US manufacturer is interested in re-selling laptops at a three-digit price tag in order to increase market share

Apple admits: iCloud is found at Google

A Chappel file updated on its site last month provides the first acknowledgment that it relies on Google Cloud Services to store data for its iCloud services

Get ready for the arrival of the Galaxy S9: a new performance bar

Official exposure is nearing, and new benchmark results are accumulating for Samsung's flagship products, signaling a leap in processing capabilities - alongside a big jump in prices

Apple vs Samsung: Everyone wins this battle

The iPhone maker managed to take first place in sales at the end of 2017, but its Korean competitor still leads the year in a market that experienced a slight contraction for the first time in the modern era

Hot at home: Apple's smart HomePod speaker comes to stores

Starting from the February 9 2018, another giant company will begin to compete officially in the smart home of Google and Amazon

King Snapdragon: Qualcomm continues to unquestionably control the world of smartphone chips

Despite the challenges, Snapdragon chip developer is able to maintain, and even increase, its gap in the top of mobile processing