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Going into the future: The first RealSense computers came to Israel

The first models that include Intel's RealSense technology for depth sensing are available for purchase in Israel. Let's see what to do with it and whether it justifies payment

Intel launches a unique development lab for IoT in Israel

In a special event held in Tel Aviv, the chip developer presented its IoT Internet Lab, which will be located at the Haifa development center

Intel Galileo 2: An Appreciation for the Beginner Inventor

Intel shows that it is not indifferent to the growing community of microcontrollers and presents a development board that combines the capabilities of the Arduino with new capabilities and multiple development environments

Watch: The new space adventure game by the creators of Diablo and Torchlight

Where do you go after creating the two most popular, addictive and successful Hack-N'-Slash games ever? Into space, of course!

Wearable computing gets a shot of energy

An electronic circuit designed for developments for wearable computers crossed the $ 100,000 target in the Kickstarter site

All the information about the new Ulus Ript

A new version of the virtual reality device Oculus Rift has come out and offers an enhanced experience at 350 dollars

New glasses reveal cancerous cells

An important step for cancer: New glasses developed at the University of Washington help surgeons see and remove cancer cells

Popular Science presents: Prizes

Let 10 recognize bold inventions for a brighter, faster, safer and more efficient future

Eco-friendly wooden batteries - soon for all of us?

Several scientists at the University of Maryland have been able to create a battery that is mainly made of wood and can be charged hundreds of times

Petabyte CDs may become reality

An innovative development by a team of scientists from Swinburne University could allow the creation of optical media in an unbelievable volume - three times larger than modern hard drives

Breakthrough? A battery is printed less than a millimeter thick

Development from Harvard University allows the production of lithium-ion batteries in microscopic dimensions using three-dimensional printing

Introducing the KALQ: a new virtual keyboard for tablets

Tablets and smartphones continue to grow - and the QWERTY keyboard becomes cumbersome and outdated. A group of researchers recently found a solution to the problem

New development: a huge power battery that loads in seconds

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Researchers at the University of Illinois have developed a lithium-ion battery that will offer minimal dimensions and charge time only seconds

UDOO - When a microcomputer and an Erodeo controller meet

Stronger, faster and more sophisticated - Meet UDOO, a combination of ואdואינוינוינו למ למ למ למ למ למ למ למ למ למ למ למ למ למ למ למ למ למ למ מחשב מחשב מחשב מחשב מחשב מחשב

LED-based wireless communications at the rate of 3Gbps

German researchers have developed a prototype of visible light communication capable of working at short-distance 3Gbps traffic

So how much do you really earn in the gaming industry?

The average wage for all developers in the gaming industry for 2012 was 84,337. Men earn more than women in all categories except programming. Great Payroll Survey of the Gaming Industry in the United States

HP Introduces: Holographic screen that does not require dedicated glasses

Researchers at HP have developed a prototype for a screen displaying a three-dimensional peripheral image at an angle of 90 degrees

New development promises to deliver peak efficiency to solar cells

Solar power generation is expected to become much more profitable in the near future thanks to the fresh development of Stanford University scientists

When Radwin and Smartphone meet - meet RFduino

Have you ever dreamed of building cool robots and controlling them from your smartphone? Meet the RFduino, a new Kickstarter project that comes to put an end to the mess in the mission

Broadcast experimental mobile communication of 10Gbps completed in Japan

The fifth generation on the way? While in the Holy Land one still dreams of fourth-generation speeds, in Japan a joint experiment by NTT Docomo and the Tokyo Institute of Technology produced an unprecedented wireless cellular transmission rate

WiX invites you to Hatkon at the Tel Aviv Port

The Israeli start-up WiX will conduct the "Hackton" this week - an open programming marathon for developers.

MIT and the US Army are developing optical fiber embedded uniforms

Advanced uniforms with embedded fiber optics are developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in cooperation with the US Army and offer features such as heat, light and noise sensing

Coming soon: School for developing games in Haifa

Another step towards establishing a blue-and-white gaming industry

Establishing a start-up: the concept of control and its importance

'Control' is a concept we all came across at one time or another, but its practical meaning may be very different from one society to another - and we are here to explain why and how. Fifth article in the series

Cooling technology for your UltraBock

GE is adopting jet cooling technology to make our ultrabooks and mobile devices thinner, thinner and more economical than ever