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On The Way To The First Place Ever: The Avengers vs Avatar (updated)

Endgame has crossed a revenue threshold of 2 billion and is rapidly approaching the all-time record high

There are no records left: Endgame has taken over the world (updated)

The curiosity and fear of Spoilers did their job - viewers swarmed around movie theaters all over the globe and broke dozens of particularly high records for the fourth episode of The Avengers Saga

Watch: The new Star Wars movie gets a first trailer and an official name

The last trilogy will try to get back on track after the failure of Solo last year

Breaking expectation records: How much money will Avengers Endgame put in its first weekend?

The early ticket bookings led to the collapse of the major sales sites, China will join the rest of the world in launching - and now many on the net are trying to predict how big will be the fourth and final film of Avengers

2019's first Hollywood blockbuster

Captain Marvel is landing in the movie theaters and is expected to spend nearly half a billion dollars in just three days

Disney 's Disney Empire

The first trailer for the re-release of the Lions' King drives the network crazy - and breaks viewing records

Disney will buy Fox for 71 billion

The huge deal that will create a cinematic monster that controls half of the field's revenues is underway

The Avengers destroyed the Black Panther

A dream opening in the Chinese market allowed the Infinite War to become 2018's most successful film so far

The Avengers: The Infinite War - on the way to becoming the biggest comics hit

The super-movie that will unite countless popular heroes on one screen is rapidly approaching us

Marvell's Black Panther is on its way to revenue of $ 1 billion

The creation of Marvell and Disney's new superheroes has become a major cultural event in the entertainment world - and is on its way to breaking many record highs in the film industry

Get ready for new Star Wars movies - from the creators of the Games of Thrones

Disney Studios have given the two famous and respected writers the reins of new filmmaking in the largest cinematic universe of all

Star Wars: The last of the Jedi became the most popular movie of the year 2017 (updated)

Although launched just two weeks ago, the new chapter in the biggest brand is gaining hits with dizzying speed and ending the year as the most successful movie in the entire United States

Deal of the Year: Disney Acquires Fox Studios at 66 $ 1 Billion

The giant company that was formerly known mainly for Mickey Mouse continues to swallow the competition, and seems more willing than ever to launch a streaming service that will compete with Netflix

Everything is ready for breaking records: the new Star Wars is raging at movie theaters

With rave reviews comparable to those who got the best movie in the series just before 40 a year, the eighth episode of the Star Wars Saga is ready to become the biggest Hollywood hit of the year

Hackers strike again: Pirates of the Caribbean 5 will be leaked to the network before launch?

Disney Studios may soon become the new victim of pirated content leaks - in a process that will cost them tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars

This is probably Hollywood's strangest marketing trick

A collaboration between Disney and snack maker Doritus gave birth to a particularly strange opportunity to enjoy the diverse soundtrack of the new movie 'The Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Part'

Indie Returns From Retirement And Star Wars Closes Trilogy: Disney Future Films

After we have received dates for future Avatar films, it is time to catch up on Walt Disney's plans for the next few years

Watch: Open to 2017's largest boxer

Disney gives us the first trailer for the eighth episode of the Star Wars series, which will try to transcend the giant success of its predecessor

The corner of nostalgia: Disney's biggest games

Let's remember Muggle, Aladdin and Simba, and everything that made them perfect heroes for the video game world somewhere in the gay nineties

The Last Jedi: 11 Months By launch, Disney's PR machine is back into action

At the same time that Rogue One is successfully crossing a $ 1 billion cinema revenue, Disney is announcing a new official name for the eighth episode of the Star Wars series, which will arrive in December 2017

Official Trailer For The New Star Wars Movie

First full-length look at 2016's largest cashier?

Disney's three classic games are being revamped in versions without file protection

Remember the colorful and addictive games starring Aladdin, Simba and Mugley? They return, adapted to modern systems

Ultimate Collector Item: Those Star Wars hovercraft will conquer you

The collaboration between Disney and Propel has given birth to some of the brightest stealths ever created, but it will not be cheap to get them

The Cash Machine Reacts: Watch the first trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Disney is already preparing for the end of the year, revealing a first trailer for the first big spin-off movie in the Star Wars universe, which will try to continue the huge success of 7's 2015 terminal

Watch: Disney has a robot that travels on walls

When they are not busy producing blockbuster movies, it turns out that the company is also developing small robots with innovative capabilities