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The last of this year? Samsung Launches More Galaxy A Smartphones

Introducing the Galaxy A60 and the Galaxy A40s which were introduced for the Chinese market, with large batteries in the best modern tradition of the company

New outstanding mid-market: Galaxy A70 was exposed with a great capacity battery

The senior brother of the new Galaxy A family, at least for now, has a large screen, lots of dynamic memory and other surprises

The obvious improvement? A new fast charger from Samsung to up to 25 watts

The Galaxy S5 10G will be offered with a charger that is supposed to be significantly faster than the other flagship devices from the giant company. Is there undeclared support for other models that can provide competition for developments from Huawei and its like?

Maximum battery life: Samsung's new middleware was launched in Israel

Shyumi, behind you? The Galaxy A30 and the Galaxy A50 seem to be offering direct competition for the successful Redmi Note family

The hit machine: Samsung's middleware gets price tags

The market leader's new smartphones offer protection against water and large batteries at a relatively competitive price

The new generation begins now: the Galaxy S10 devices have arrived in Israel

The official launch event informs us of the beginning of the sale of Samsung's flagship products trio - with a pricing war already in sight

NISNXX and above: The Galaxy S3,000 will arrive in Israel next week

The aggressive marketing system is already at its peak, and early orders for the NIS 99 advance have already begun - from the beginning of next week we will be able to find Samsung's new triad on the store shelves

Samsung Aspire: A tablet with four speakers and an AMOLED screen

A few days before the new smartphones - we get the Korean manufacturer an official announcement of tablets for 2019

Samsung's new smartphone series comes at the end of the month

Infinity-V displays and more generous batteries than ever before are expected in the Galaxy M family

Innovation pays off? The Galaxy Note 9 is more desirable than the base version

Even a price tag that comes close to 5,000 new shekels does not deter smartphone enthusiasts, who are apparently very excited about the ability to store half a terabyte of information on the smart device that accompanies them everywhere

Strong, but not leading: the performance of the Galaxy Note 9

Samsung's new flagship device is already here with higher price tags than in the past and a special cooling system - but performance impressions place it in line with the Galaxy S9

Samsung Introduces: Luxury at a Cut Price

Meet Samsung's new Galaxy A, which ensures high-quality design, impressive display and good shooting capabilities for less than 400 euros. Will they succeed?

Meizu introduces: Unlocked with a choice between Samsung and Qualcomm

More about the intriguing Meizu 15 models of the Chinese manufacturer who aspire to upgrade their position in a market full of leaks

Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus: Performance is confusing

Initial results for Samsung flagship devices paint a somewhat bizarre picture of the power relations between the Exynos 9810 chip and the Snapdragon 845 chip, and other market competitors

Get ready for the arrival of the Galaxy S9: a new performance bar

Official exposure is nearing, and new benchmark results are accumulating for Samsung's flagship products, signaling a leap in processing capabilities - alongside a big jump in prices

Samsung plans huge chip manufacturing expansion

Samsung wants to establish itself as the largest chip manufacturer in the world - with more Exynos processors, new memory plants, and more

New smartphone, new chip

The new Meizu low-cost model contains a surprisingly stunning chip that runs inside the Samsung Exynos 7872, with six processing cores

Within touching distance of the 3 GHz: Samsung's Exynos 9810 chip was officially introduced

With a significantly increased working frequency and a more efficient production process, the giant Korea seems ready for another year of tough competition in the smartphones world

King Snapdragon: Qualcomm continues to unquestionably control the world of smartphone chips

Despite the challenges, Snapdragon chip developer is able to maintain, and even increase, its gap in the top of mobile processing

Head-to-head with Qualcomm: Samsung will unveil the leading Exynos chip this week

The first part of the puzzle that will make the Galaxy S9 models public will be displayed on 4 in January

Touch distance from flagship devices: Meet the Galaxy A8 and the Galaxy A8 +

Samsung's new pair of Galaxy A models are a significant and welcome upgrade compared to all those who preceded them

Will the Galaxy S9 go for sure?

Computer processing of Samsung's next flagship device is trying to convince us to expect minor external changes, while an up-to-date report is aimed at an official announcement only at the end of February 2018

Ready for early arrival of the Galaxy S9? Samsung Announces Mass Production in New Generation of 10 Nanometers

Reports that the new flagship ships from the giant Korean company will arrive in January 2018 are significantly strengthened

The next generation of Samsung's virtual reality was revealed earlier than expected

The giant company wants to significantly upgrade their competitiveness in the VR world with glasses with an advanced processing array and a host of internal sensors

Samsung is making the most of its middle-class family

Korea's giant launches a new pair of smartphones for its popular Galaxy J series, including a surprising guest appearance in the processing chips