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"Half a hitch" on Facebook social networks (update: Back to normal)

Can not view media files on Watsap, Instagram or Facebook? You're not alone

The ads also reach your Facebook Messenger

After a trial period in a limited number of countries, the social network will begin adding ads in the popular chat app to all users

Battle of 4 BILLION: The parent company of Skyrim creators against Facebook's fake reality

After Mark Zuckerberg has found a new lead for the VR market, it seems that the time has come for the huge suit to be waiting for him just around the corner

See you Xiaomi, Hello Virtual reality: Hugo Barra's new station

After three and a half years in the young Chinese manufacturer, the "face" of the Android system returns to Silicon Valley - and landed an interesting role in the empire of Mark Zuckerberg

Victory for the free market: File protection of the virtual reality glasses Oculus Rift was canceled

A victory for HTC Vive glasses and anyone who supports open access to the software world: Oculus has completely abandoned its DRM technology, which was supposed to limit games and software only to its own virtual reality glasses

Up to NIS 120: a smart clock for a funny price

It seems that in the past year, all the leading companies have been trying to market their smart watches. This accessory, which was once all on our hands, was abandoned in favor of the adjacent cellular phone. Despite additional capabilities beyond the time display, such as reading messages and alerts without taking the phone out of their pocket, they did not really catch up

The summer sales of the GOG gaming store began

The store that sells games without file protection now offers almost all of its catalog at discounted prices, with a slew of classics as well as modern titles

Amazon Day Sale: The SanDisk Ultra II drive is one of the lowest prices we've come across

The company's average and affordable SSD comes back to the Amazon operation and is equipped with a particularly good price tag of less than one weight per gigabyte of storage

AMP versions! Of the GeForce GTX 1080 are exposed: are aimed at new speed peaks

Dedicated design versions for the new NVIDIA flagship card continue to be unofficially unveiled, and Taiwan's Zotac seems to be aiming for maximum high power performance

Google, the next generation: the technology giant's interesting announcements from the I / O 2016 conference

Chrome with momentum, Android N with more detail than before, wearable computers with advanced access, and more updates from Google's big developer conference

Luckily, the Oculus Rift games will no longer work with HTC Vive glasses

A new software update for the virtual reality glasses of Facebook and Oculus puts an end to the method that enabled their exclusive titles to be played in the rival Vive glasses

The major tensions of the April Fool's Day

Razer gaming console, smart pillow, H & M joke at the expense of the Facebook creator and more from Google's best: Here are the most successful suspensions for 2016 International Day of Deception

30 Virtual reality games launched with Oculus Rift glasses

The innovative virtual reality platform begins to reach the first consumers across the United States, with a very high level of interest despite the considerable price

Android's popular streaming app opens another front

The Showbox application, which is an alternative to Popcorn Time for streaming movies and series, is also starting to stream music without charge

Google will launch upgraded virtual reality glasses to compete with Samsung's Gear VR

After proving to the world that virtual reality can be very cheap with Google Cardboard, the software giant may also offer more advanced virtual reality glasses to smartphones

All you need to know: The complete guide to security and privacy on the Web

In 2016, all of our information is on the net, whether it's within social networks, in the cloud, or in places where we were not aware that they were available to others. The following guide will explain how to make sure that your sensitive information is properly secured

Google's search engine is changing its face: it seems SEO in 2016

Meet the ten key approaches and trends that the world's most popular search engine will decide what to show you and where from now on

Want a new motherboard as a gift? All you need is Lake Winners

MSI spoils its followers, and Guerrilla has a motherboard - one of them and you're in a lottery!

LG confirms: A failure to disable some G4 devices

After complaints and reports on a variety of channels on the Internet, it seems that the Korean manufacturer's representatives confirm the existence of a problem on the popular smartphone, which leads to a situation in which it enters a non-running boot sequence

Experiment failed: Whatsapp becomes completely free

After several years of trying to convince consumers to pay a single dollar for a year of use, the world's most popular instant messaging service announces a change of approach that will make life easier for private consumers

3-D revolution: Getting to know the HP Multi Jet Fusion printer

The old American company promises us a real revolution in the world of 3D printing, but in the meantime the commercial launch is under question

HTC's virtual reality glasses will be pre-sold on 29 in February

The Taiwanese company plans to begin selling its answer to Oculus Rift on its unique date, while there are estimates that Sony's virtual reality glasses will be cheaper than the others

Lottery Modular Package MasterCase 5 Pro - the winner

Last day to draw the modular package MasterCase 5 Pro, hurry up and register!

Another surprising innovation: teeth that were created in a 3D printer and also destroy bacteria

Researchers from the Netherlands have developed a 3-D printed tooth that can kill 99 of bacteria in the mouth

Head to Head: Here are the Dark Souls 3 system requirements and its main double

The third installment of the successful From Software and the compatible Dragons Dogma series, received official hardware requirements for the PC versions