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Far Cry 5: Yes for real money transactions, not for permanent internet connection

Ubisoft's first big game for 2018 will try to continue the success of Assassin's Creed Origins with a very similar business approach

Watch the great game trailer for Far Cry Primal

UBSoft is surprising and takes its brand back in time to make the wild world and animals a more significant feature than ever before

Far Cry 4: The Himalayas receive (almost) everyone with open arms

UBSoft revealed the system's requirements for the PC version of the game and, to our delight, it is closer to the company's new racing game requirements and less to those of its new assassination and stealth game

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

After thinking that this is the 1 traction in April, it seems that Ubisoft are very serious about expanding the retro called Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, which has nothing to do with the original game

Update to Far Cry 3: A new and challenging level of difficulty

The new 1.05 game patch was released. Bug fixes and multiplayer but mainly a new difficulty level called 'master' and the possibility of resetting enemies' grips

Play maps from Voice of Duty and Battlefield in Far Cry 3

Have you ever wondered how a stage will be learned from a particular game in a completely different game engine? Far Cry 3's great map editor has answers for you

Guide: Find all the secret weapons of Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3's game world is full of hidden objects, and we're here to help you lay hands on the best of them - the unique and powerful Signature Weapons

Far Cry 3: First expansion package next month

The good news: additional content for the new and successful title of UviSoft is already in line. The bad news: only the 3 players can enjoy it, at least for now

Far Cry 3 - Trailer to the map editor of the game

Following the excellent reviews the game receives prior to its release, UBSsoft releases a new trailer that reveals the tools for editing maps that we all remember for the best from the previous title in the series

Far Cry 3 - Reviews, Third time ice cream?

The third title of the Far Cry series is released in a week and a half, but a large number of reviews have already been published. Has the game succeeded or failed? Come and discover for yourself

Far Cry 3 - No dedicated servers for multiplayer

Disappointment to PC Players - Far Cry 3 will not contain dedicated servers for its multi-participant modes

Warface will also contain a narrative campaign

The free shooting game from the developer that brought us Far Cry and Crysis is gaining momentum

Far Cry 3: Not like everyone else

A new video game for the Far Cry 3 game, about 14 long, shows a variety of special abilities that you will probably not find in other genre games.

Extending Gift Pack for Early Buyers of Far Cry 3

UBSoft provides a total content pack of approximately 40 minutes to early purchasers of Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 - System requirements were exposed

Will we have to break savings in order to predict the new game in question?

Far Cry 3: How to stay the last survivor

Obisoft releases the first of three videos, featuring the mysterious tropical island of Far Cry 3. Let's watch

A movie trailer and a date of departure to Far Cry 3

The third action game in the series, which is being developed by Obisoft, gets an exit date