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Innovation pays off? The Galaxy Note 9 is more desirable than the base version

Even a price tag that comes close to 5,000 new shekels does not deter smartphone enthusiasts, who are apparently very excited about the ability to store half a terabyte of information on the smart device that accompanies them everywhere

Almost like the iPhone X: these are the official prices of the Galaxy Note 9 in Israel

Meet one of the most expensive Android devices that landed in the Holy Land to this day

Advertisement Battle: Galaxy Note 9 vs. Apple and Huawei

Samsung launches new humorous advertisements designed to laugh at Apple's expense - while Huawei is trying to exaggerate the Note 9 itself

Strong, but not leading: the performance of the Galaxy Note 9

Samsung's new flagship device is already here with higher price tags than in the past and a special cooling system - but performance impressions place it in line with the Galaxy S9

Watch: The official Galaxy Note 9 has been leaked to the network

Samsung's new and promising smartphone was revealed in all its glory, a few days before the big Unpacked event

The Galaxy S9 smartphone, a commercial failure?

Of rumors about the early launch of the Galaxy Note 9, which came in response to weak sales of the current flagship models - and also about the possibility of reducing and unifying the brands

Fortnight, Galaxy Note 9 Secret Weapon (updated)

Exclusive availability for the month of the hit Royal Royals can help Samsung ensure the success of the flagship device that will be launched in just over a week

Meet one of the few devices that dare to show a replacement for Galaxy Note (updated)

LG is introducing its Stylo 4 model, which will be one of the only options on the market for a smart device with a touch pen for anyone who does not want to invest the full amount in Samsung's big note family

The Note 9 will be more elaborate than expected?

The Samsung tablet is rapidly approaching the launch date - and we are receiving possible signals that its improvements will be more significant than they predicted at the beginning