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Zoon: Google

View: The fall of the Explorer

A graphic video showing the market share of the various browsers over the past decade illustrates how the technological world that has surrounded us has changed

Hit under Huawei's belt

The British processing core ARM is also announcing a freeze on relations with the Chinese manufacturer - while in the background there are estimates of a future deal that will save the situation

End of the Road? Google vs. Huawei (updated)

Further sanctions imposed on the Chinese manufacturer by the US government have also led to a dramatic move from Google - which could derail the business of its smartphones

The real comeback of the Nexus family? All details about Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL

We will soon know whether this is really the right path for the hearts of the masses in the modern smartphones world

April Fools 2019: The best tension on the net

Google, NVIDIA and Tinder and Neweg tried their luck in mass entertainment on the International Day of Deception

Google Introduces: The Big Surprise of the Gaming World?

Online gaming streaming makes a big comeback with the new company's new Stadia service. Will this time work properly, and will also be available in our little country?

Leak time: Smartphone The Google Pixel 3 Lite smiles at the camera

Will Google's cheapest smartphone have more dynamic memory than last year's luxury versions? The discourse around the intriguing instrument becomes especially meaningful thanks to a fresh informal demo

AMD attacks the chromoboys

In an unexpected and surprising step, we are getting new-old Excavator processors designed to be very basic and inexpensive laptops with Google's operating system

28 Comeback Years: The Google Home Hot Ad

Macaulay Kalkin returns to the house where he played the role of his life - and becomes viral online

Prepare, prepare, buy! Google's Israeli shopping event is back with us

The Shopping IL venture returns for the fourth time for 48 hours of shopping - over 1,000 and various stores and stores participating in it

Microsoft corrects the problems of the present and marks the future

While the revised version of the Big October update is still in preparation, the company is announcing an application that will fix performance losses as a result of Spectre - and a future ability to better control the applications installed on your system

Google in the way of Microsoft

Google has its own new high-end tablet running a Chrome OS based on Intel chips - and will require you to pay separately for keyboard coverage and a compatible touch pen

The new mobile games you must know

No matter if you have an iPhone or Android in your pocket - here are eight games that have been launched recently and you should check them out soon

Security, Digital Health, and Smart Assistants: The Pixel 3 and the Google Home Hub have been exposed

The tech company's press conference made it clear to us that months of preliminary leaks were indeed a default and not a sophisticated deception program - but hey, there's a new structured security chip that we did not know about

Another embarrassment for Google? The new generation of media outsiders is being acquired even before being exposed

After all the initial leaks about the new Pixel devices, the technology giant's new head touches an up-to-date Chromecast device that was mistakenly received by the customer - even before the company had a chance to launch it in practice

Last month of conspiracy about Pixel 3: Did Google work on everyone?

Google has distributed invitations to an official media event in New York City in more than a month - and will finally tell us whether all the big leaks are a real omission or an ingenious marketing trick

Healthier: Google Fit is turning around

Know the minutes of movement and points of heart - the new data that can help you be healthier and more secure

With the Pie comes the appetite: a new record of Google's Pixel 3 XL

One of the candidates for the title of the best smartphone on the market for 2018 shows his face once more and reveals additional technical information

Simple Pie: Android 9.0 was officially launched

Owners of Pixel devices can install the latest version of the operating system right now - and some others can do it before the end of this year

New (negative) record: Google's huge fine

The war on self-promotion methods of the Internet giant in the European Union is on the rise

The most useful use of laminated reality? Google's updated measurement app

From today, consumers with ARCore-enabled smartphones will be able to measure objects around them quickly and easily

Google Rebels

Despite the trend in the market that dictates the use of two, or even three, cameras in an integrated array, it seems that Google will continue to follow its unique path in the new Pixel devices

Not dying, but subject to change: The future of Essential Phone is unclear

The prestigious project of the creator of the Android system, which gave rise to the downside trend on the screen, may become a new ownership, while it is not yet clear when and whether we will be able to see a new smartphone

The richest man in the world opens a big gap

After making history and going on to ten-digit capital for the first time, Jeff Bezos appeared not far from the day when 2 would be worth more than anyone else around the globe

A pair of new Android One devices on the way to the market from Xoomi

The successor to the popular Mi A1 is already recognizable somewhere on the horizon - and it may come alongside an additional and cheaper model designed for those who want a "pure" Android experience,