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Continuing to celebrate: Asus introduces its most advanced GeForce GTX 980 Ti card

Another version of NVIDIA's leading graphics card outside the Titan family is designed to mark 20 as the fastest growing year in the market,

Initial performance tests for the Mobile GTX 980 indicate a bright future

The most powerful mobile video card in the world does the job and offers capabilities that are very close to those of its stationary twin

The Radeon Fury in Reviews: Life and Death in the Hand of Haste

The second video card based on the core of the Fiji is already here, with performance that transcends the GTX 980 but at a price that complicates matters

The specification of the air-cooled Radeon Fury is exposed

Fury X's small and friable brother will be launched in about a week, and we get almost full detail of the features he will bring with him to fight the GeForce GTX 980

Ultra-gaming in the living room, with an asterisk: The AMD Fury cards do not support HDMI 2.0

AMD's advanced and new gaming-oriented graphics cards also have an 4K super-resolution, but they can really do so only on DisplayPort-based displays

The launch and the disappointment: The Radeon 300 series leaves everyone in the loop

AMD's new series of graphics cards (for the middle market?) Has been launched, and it seems that various critics also have trouble deciding whether this is a good update or an ugly attempt to derail the players

GeForce GTX 980 Ti will be launched soon: monstrous, but lucrative?

The younger brother of the Titan X is expected to land in the summer, with almost identical specifications - and a seemingly lucrative price tag

View: GeForce GTX 980 shattering records with a core frequency of 2.3GHz

A new world record in the 3DMark FireStrike Extreme test was determined by the Overclocker, which used an EVGA GTX 980 card with a crazy kernel frequency of 2.3 GHz (!)

DirectX 12: The future of gaming is about to change, for the better

After we have seen a number of insights into the performance of the new DirectX 12 technology from Microsoft in conjunction with AMD and Nvidia, a new test shows us how extensive efficiency and improvements can revolutionize gaming

New Performance Bar? New information about the new AMD graphics cards

New details on AMD's Radeon 3XX series of cards reveal the company's interesting strategy on the way to re-conquering the market

Trouble in Heaven: A bug has been found that damages the memory performance of the GTX 970 card

The bug, which only two weeks after the discovery was officially referred to by Nvidia, damages the performance of the card when over 3.5 of gigabyte memory is used

CES 2015: Another look at the craziest mobile ever offered

MSI's massive gaming mobile, the first ever with a mechanical keyboard, impresses CES visitors - and the rest

CES 2015: The Tegra X1 chip has been unveiled - a brand new performance standard

Anodia brings up the mobile market and introduces the next generation of its famous Tegra chips, the Tegra X1 octagonal cores, based on the successful Maxwell architecture

The next generation AMD and NVIDIA graphics chips are delayed

The reason for the delay is the lack of chips in the advanced lithography of 20 and 16 nanometers, which are supplied for other purposes and are more "urgent" than the manufacture of smart chips for companies such as Apple and Qualcomm

The Antec GX300 case brings convenience and quality to 300

The new chassis, which is added to the company's familiar GX series, comes with huge video card support and convenience that is not easy to find at the same price level

NVIDIA on the defensive: hot games for free, but not for everyone (updated)

Anodia Launches Pick Your Path - a bonus for accepting a free PC game in the purchase of one of its powerful video cards, but with some limitations

R9 290X and GTX 980 with double memory on their way to the market

AMD and NVIDIA plan to unveil versions with 5GB GDDR8 memory for their single core card drives, which will be available for purchase before the end of the year

AMD cuts prices in response to GTX900

With the launch of Anodia's graphics card series, AMD is doing the only thing that will save it and cut prices

GeForce GTX 900 - Anidia devours the cards

In a festive gaming event that began in the morning, Anodia launched a new series of video cards - the GeForce GTX 900